Are floods and earthquakes covered on standard home insurance policies?

Although floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters are more likely to occur in certain places, they can happen anywhere, including Fairland. In just seconds, a catastrophic event can leave you in ruin.

After this kind of emergency, you may be surprised to find out that your standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover disasters like earthquakes or floods. Once one of these horrendous events occurs, it is too late for you to obtain insurance to cover your damages.

The Standard Coverage

Each insurance policy is tailored to meet the needs of your home. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damages that occur to permanent structures located on your property in Adelphi, as well as your personal belongings. Usually, a loss because of theft is also covered in your standard policy.

Some of the policies will include liability protection along with other coverage. Each policy varies, so you will want to read your policy to see exactly what will be covered and what will not.

Damages Usually Covered by the Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

• Hail & Ice
• Fire
• Wind
• Lightening
• Plumbing

To cover other catastrophic events, you need to purchase what is called ‘Disaster Insurance.’ This insurance only covers earthquakes, floods and other specific catastrophes.

Your provider will help you determine what natural disaster coverage you will need according to your location. These policies are customized according to the needs of the homeowner.

Am I required to have home insurance?

Most mortgage companies require home owners to purchase home insurance, which is a good idea for rental homes as well. Instead of risking a huge out-of-pocket expense when disaster strikes, purchase an affordable home insurance policy.

You don’t plan for thieves to rob you or for fire to destroy your home, but these events happen every day. A home insurance policy covers the actual cost or replacement value of household items.

In addition to damage caused by vandals, weather related damage affects residential properties. Wind blows loose shingles off the roof or freezing temperatures during Burtonsville winters cause the sidewalk to crack. An insurance policy covers structural repairs. Consider purchasing additional coverage that provides temporary accommodations when your home is too damaged for occupancy.

With the prevalence of lawsuits, consider adding medical coverage to a Glen Dale home insurance policy. If a neighbor or repair-person trips on the stairs, a home insurance policy covers the medical expenses. Likewise, if someone claims to suffer an injury while on your property and sues you for a covered loss, liability insurance protects your assets.

An independent insurance agent assists you in answering questions you have about home insurance. They compare prices for you, find affordable coverage that meets your needs and provide adequate coverage when you are ready to purchase home insurance for your primary or rental property.