Managing life changes: Navigating unexpected events

Life comes with unexpected changes from relocation to job changes to major illnesses, and these changes can impact your life in a wide variety of ways. In order to get through these difficult moments, you have to be prepared and have a plan in place to work through the challenges so they don’t become overwhelming. Managing life changes before they occur can help make them much easier to work through. 

There are many ways a sudden, major life change can impact your life. A job loss, illness, or death can have both an emotional and financial impact. Because of that, it can be hard to get through these life events successfully. You have to deal with the emotional challenges of the life change as well as the financial. The good news is that there are plans you can put in place to protect yourself and your family when major life events occur.

Insurance should be a component in your plan to manage major life changes. Insurance can help protect against financial strain if you or a family member becomes seriously ill or injured or in the event of a death in the family. By helping alleviate some of the financial burden that comes from a major life change, you and your family are free to deal with the emotional challenges. This can help make major life changes easier to manage.

There are many types of insurance that can help you manage major life changes that may arise in your life. For more information about insurance to protect you and your family during major life changes, contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial today.

Different Kinds of Commercial Insurance

Protecting your place of business is a must. Not only is it your livelihood but it likely is for all your employees as well. With the amount of work and money you’ve invested into the property, it is important to protect it wherever possible. At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we understand the importance of protecting your business with the right kind of commercial insurance. Whether your business is in Laurel, MD or a different region all together, understanding the difference of commercial insurance types is a must, so you know what to select when purchasing insurance for your business. 

Property Insurance

This is one of the most common forms of commercial insurance, and if you own property, having this insurance is a must. It protects against loss and damage that harm the property. This often includes fire damage to a work place and possibly flood related damage sustained in the event of a fire. 

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

This is typically for older buildings or for a facility where you use large machinery in the production or manufacture of items. It can protect against equipment breaking down and property damaged sustained due to the machinery breaking down. 

Debris Removal

Here’s something you might not consider ahead of time. If your property is damaged in the event of a fire and needs areas replaced, other insurance coverage may not pay to have the debris removed. Debris removal is expensive, in which case debris removal insurance fills in these payment gaps. 

Glass Insurance

Depending on your storefront and where you are located, your glass might be a prime target for break-ins and other forced damage. Replacing the glass constantly is expensive to do. Having glass insurance makes it easier to repair the glass and restore your workspace. 

What kinds of insurance will cover my damage after an auto accident?

If you own a car in Laurel, MD, then you know how important it is to have good insurance coverage.  At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we pride ourselves on offering a lot of options in auto insurance to our customers.  Determining the best option for you and your budget, however, can be tricky.  

One of the most common concerns that our customers have is exactly what types of damage are covered by their insurance policy.  In Maryland, a basic insurance policy that only meets the state-required coverage will only provide funds to repair the vehicles of the victims of an accident that you are found to be at-fault in.  Essentially, this means that if you cause an accident, the other person’s car will be repaired by your insurance, but yours will not.  For this reason, these policies are generally not recommended unless the driver can afford to repair or replace his or her vehicle on their own.

Collision or comprehensive insurance policies will cover the damage to your personal vehicle in the event of an accident, however.  These policies will provide funds to both you and the victims of an accident to have your vehicles repaired or replaced.  Only comprehensive insurance, however, will provide funds to repair or replace your vehicle if it is vandalized, stolen, or damaged in a natural disaster.  Collision insurance only covers accident damage.

If you want to save money on your auto insurance, give the agents at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial a call.  They have years of experience helping Laurel, MD customers find the policy that’s right for them.