Why wait in long lines at the MVA? Mid Atlantic Tag & Title can issue yours Fast!

Ask anyone in Laurel, Maryland why they dread renewing their vehicle registration and they’ll tell you it’s the long lines. Waiting in line for up to hours at a time for tag and title service seems part and parcel to the MVA experience. In today’s fast-paced world where time is of the essence, chances are you’ll find yourself inconvenienced and frustrated at your local MVA office. Fortunately, Mid Atlantic offers a unique service that should make the aggravation of getting your registration done a thing of the past.

As an MVA-approved title service agency, Mid Atlantic Tag & Title provides a wide variety of services that would normally be handled at the MVA, save for licensing. These services include registration renewal, tag and title duplicates, tag returns and vehicle registration for new residents. Mid Atlantic is not only authorized to issue and renew plates, but the majority of their services can be done over the counter, saving you plenty of time and frustration. Mid Atlantic’s office hours are also designed to accommodate people whose busy schedules require a fair amount of flexibility. The end result is fast, professional service that makes skipping the MVA worthwhile.

Both auto dealers and the general public can benefit from Mid Atlantic’s tag and title services. Getting new plates, renewing stickers and receiving duplicate title and registration is made much easier and faster. Mid Atlantic is also a one-stop shop for auto insurance, thanks to its access and ability to compare prices among over a dozen well-known insurance providers. As your Maryland independent agent, we can give you the run-down on Mid Atlantic Tag & Title’s MVA-approved services, as well as offer you more ways to keep more money in your pocket when it comes to your insurance.

Tips on Preventing a Car Robbery in Laurel, Maryland

If you are a car owner, you know there are a lot of things you have to think about. One of the most difficult to have to handle is dealing with a stolen car. Instead of dealing with the repercussions of that, it is generally easier to work at preventing the auto theft from occurring in the first place. Follow these tips and you will be less likely to deal with a car robbery in the Laurel, Maryland area.

  • Keep your car locked. It may seem like common sense advice, but keeping your doors locked will prevent a lot of robberies from occurring in the first place.
  • Make sure you arm your car alarm. Even though many people do ignore them, a thief is less likely to pursue a car that is beeping at full volume than one that does not.
  • Choose a car that is less flashy. The flashiest cares are the ones most often targeted for theft. It is possible to have a very nice car that will not garner as much attention from thieves, just use common sense.
  • Do not park off by yourself. If you park out in the middle of nowhere you are more likely to be targeted by thieves.
  • Bring your car in your garage at night. If you have garage space anyway, it makes sense to use it.
  • If you are working late, try to park close to the front of the lot. More thefts occur in the early dusk hours than anytime.

As you can see, there are many ways you can go about reducing your risk of car robbery. Adding full insurance coverage that protects in case of theft is another great way that you can protect yourself. Talk to us about the options available and we can do a live quote comparison and find you the best possible price on your insurance as well.

Maryland Homeowners: Knowing what is Covered on your Home Insurance Policy for Natural Disasters

If you’ve lived in Maryland for awhile, you probably know that natural disasters happen in the area. The geographic location of the state makes it vulnerable to several different types of natural disaster. You may have even experienced an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood, a blizzard or even some other type of natural disaster wile you’ve lived there. With so many ways for mother nature to damage your home, it’s good to know just what, exactly, is covered by your homeowners insurance and what kind of damage you might end up paying for out of your own pocket.

Your home insurance coverage will take care of most emergencies like fire, normal damage from wind, ice and snow and such. It will also often cover damage from smoke, burst pipes, roof leaks and electrical problems. However, sometimes it will fall short in a major natural disaster. In particular, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are often not covered by normal home insurance, especially in areas like Maryland where these kind of events happen fairly regularly. You can, however, purchase special coverage for each of these types of natural disasters if you are especially concerned about them.

If you’re unsure of what is covered by your home insurance policy, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent or an independent agent in your area. If you live near Laurel, Maryland, and you are thinking about getting a new homeowners insurance policy, you need to call us. As an independent agent, we can get you live comparative quotes on home insurance coverage. This insures that you get the best deal on the coverage you want, even if you want to include extra coverage for natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

Things you may need to do after a Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm

After you’ve had a big winter storm blow through the Mid-Atlantic region, there are often lingering problems. Maryland can be particularly hard hit, especially in places like Laurel. If you’re one of the people who’ve seen your home or auto damaged by a bad storm, it’s time to talk to your insurance company and make a claim. Sure, you want to clean up the mess, but you also want the adjuster to clearly see the damage that was done. Leave things where they are if possible. If you can’t do that, take good, clear pictures of the damage and document everything.

That way you’ll have a better chance of making sure that the damage is understood and paid for. Your insurance company will have questions for you, so make sure you answer all of them honestly. It’s much better to be upfront, even if you’re concerned that could affect whether you’re covered or not. You may also need to have your home or auto inspected, in order to determine whether unseen damage was done. A roof problem, for example, could affect your home at a later date by causing leaks.

Don’t just assume everything is fine if you don’t see any obvious damage. It’s always best to check things out, and if you have any questions you should call in a professional to assess the structure. It can get expensive to have someone examine your home every time there’s a storm, but if you have it done after a particularly bad storm you can see what the inspector looks at so you’ll know what to look for the next time there’s a storm. Damage that you can spot because of your new knowledge may be something that can be fixed much more easily than damage that was allowed to continue. That will save you and your insurance company money.