What Happens If Auto Insurance Lapses?

Auto insurance is probably one of your most important monthly expenses because the consequences of losing your insurance are steep. At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas, we want to help our customers avoid these consequences. Let’s learn more about what happens if auto insurance lapses. 

Legal Consequences 

First, you should know that there are legal consequences for driving without insurance. If you are caught driving without the proper insurance in place, the police do have the right to suspend your license. This can have far-reaching effects on your entire life. This could affect your job, it could affect your relationships, and if you’re in school, it could affect your ability to get back and forth to school as well. You always need to keep auto insurance current to avoid these consequences. 

Financial Consequences 

The other damaging consequence you might face would be financial. Auto insurance was created to help protect motorists from the steep financial consequences of accidents. Having an accident, even if you were the only vehicle involved, is expensive. If your car is damaged or lost, the repairs or replacement of that vehicle must be addressed  If other cars are involved, then you are responsible for the repairs or replacement of all vehicles involved. 

If there were also injuries in the accident, you would be held legally liable to pay for those expenses if you were found to be at fault. All these expenses add up quickly and could spell out financial disaster for you if you were required to pay for these expenses by yourself. Auto insurance protects you from this and pays for these expenses on your behalf.

To learn more about auto insurance, please get in touch with us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas. 

Home Security Tips to Prevent Burglary

Home insurance protects you from burglary and other risks that can lead to financial loss. By taking measures to secure your home, however, you can discourage thieves from targeting your property. The following home security tips from Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD can help protect your valuables from the risk of burglary.

Lock Up!

Lock your windows and doors (including garage doors) at night and anytime you leave your home. Leave one or two lights on if you plan to be back after dark. For extended trips, use automatic timers to turn on critical lamps to give the appearance that someone is home.

Stop Deliveries

If you’ll be gone for a week or more, put a hold on your mail and newspapers while you’re gone or ask a neighbor to retrieve these items so it doesn’t appear that no one’s home.

Security Checks

Check the locks on your windows and doors periodically to ensure they’re secure. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Change your locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.

Keep Outdoor Gear Out of Sight

Store your lawn mower, gas grill, bike, and other outdoor equipment in your garage or storage shed where it’s out of sight of would-be thieves and burglars.

Install Outside Security Lights

Install motion-detection security lights in strategic locations around your home. A well-lit home is less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Install an Alarm System

Install an alarm system to protect your family and property for greater peace of mind. There are all kinds of alarm systems to choose from to meet your home’s security needs.  

These tips, combined with quality home insurance coverage, will protect your property from theft and burglary. Contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD today for all your home insurance needs.