3 Times Commercial Insurance Could Have Saved the Day

One of the great fears of running a business is being hit with a lawsuit. You’ve probably looked into coverage for a number of common issues, but many times it’s the abnormal that can bankrupt a perfectly good company. Commercial insurance can cover almost any eventuality if you optimize your coverage, but for a number of reasons, these three cases were not covered and got out of hand quickly.


Blitz is a company that specialized in making handheld gas cans. In fact, they were the biggest manufacturer in the U.S. In 2012 they had to file bankruptcy and eventually close the business because of a little over 30 lawsuits all with the same claim: pouring gas from their cans onto a burning fire caused explosions. While one might think that pouring gasoline on a burning fire is a dangerous activity, the company was still held liable for an average of $4 million per case. The totals were too much and the company is no more.

Garcia vs Ledraplastic

Francisco Garcia and the Sacramento Kings famously sued Ledraplastic. He was exercising with one of their balancing balls when it burst, causing him to break his forearm and miss playtime with the NBA team. The large player was lifting 90-pound weights in each hand while balancing. It is unclear whether or not he exceeded the manufacturer’s listed weight limits, but the suit was settled for an undisclosed amount that most suspect was in the tens of millions.

Broward County Bus

Ursula Wilson was riding the public transit when the driver had to slam the brakes and caused her to collide violently with the bus floor. She sued the county for the driver’s alleged negligence for $100,000 to cover medical expenses. Video shows that the driver was using one hand to eat a beef patty when the incident occurred, and ultimately the county settled the case.

In each of these cases, large sums had to be paid out of pocket. In one case it closed a business, and in another it came out of taxpayer pockets. Unbelievable lawsuits can threaten any company, so talk with Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to make sure you are covered against the unexpected.

What are some important characteristics of a good home insurance policy?

There are many details that go into a home insurance policy. All the details make it hard to figure out what you need when shopping for the right policy to keep your home financially secure.

Future policyholders should be aware of the following four characteristics of a good insurance policy:

  1. It comes with appropriate coverage limits- Your coverage limits on your home insurance policy should be neither too low NOR too high. If your coverage limit is much higher than your home is worth, you’ll probably be paying out too much in premiums. 
  2. It comes along with outstanding customer service- Good customer service will prove very important when it comes time to file a claim. You can find out how good your potential provider’s customer service is by doing some research online. Look for reviews of the insurance provider to see what past and current customers think of the company and the customer service it offers. Also, call the company and ask questions over the phone to see how the representatives communicate with clients. 
  3. It includes a guaranteed replacement cost provision- A guaranteed replacement cost provision is a provision that makes it so that you will be able to rebuild your home regardless of how much it costs. Such a provision will mean that the insurance provider will pay to have your home rebuilt even if the cost exceeds your coverage limits. 
  4. It includes the option to sign up for an inflation provision- An inflation provision will adjust your coverage on an annual basis depending on inflation or changes in construction costs in your area. 

Are you ready to shop for the right insurance policy that includes these important characteristics? Contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to discuss your options.