How a Non-Owner Policy Helps You Avoid Coverage Gaps

A gap in coverage makes auto insurance expensive for consumers. Many insurance agencies offer discounts for continuous coverage without any lapse because they see it as a sign of responsible driving.

At ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT, we believe you shouldn’t be in the dark about ways to save money on your insurance premiums. Many drivers drop their auto insurance policies when their vehicle breaks down and don’t have a car to drive, which is understandable. However, due to a gap in coverage, it can cost more to get insured again when buying a new car. One way to avoid this is to purchase a non-owner auto insurance policy, which could help you avoid coverage gaps.

What is a Non-Owner Policy?

A non-owner auto insurance policy provides a versatile solution for those who don’t drive regularly or own a car. It provides liability coverage for property damage and bodily injuries in a mishap, offering a level of protection that adapts to your needs. However, it doesn’t cover any damage to the vehicle you’re driving or your own injuries.

Non-owner policies aren’t just a solution to coverage gaps but also a financially wise choice. They are usually less expensive than a standard auto insurance policy, making maintaining insurance more affordable and avoiding a policy gap between vehicles. This allows you to stay protected without spending a fortune.

Do You Need a Non-Owner Policy?

Consider purchasing a non-owner policy in the following situations:

  • If you frequently borrow cars from others
  • If you use a car-sharing service or short-term rental
  • If you often rent cars

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Things to Consider When Insuring an Older Vehicle

There are some significant differences between insuring an older car in Laurel, MD and insuring an older one. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial wants to help you understand these differences and what you should know to avoid unnecessary risks while getting the most out of your car insurance.

Financial Responsibility

Every state, including Maryland, has financial responsibility laws, generally requiring you to carry some level of insurance. Even older vehicles must have policies with at least state minimum coverage limits.

Newer vs. Older Cars

When it comes to car insurance, two major factors will impact your decision. The first is whether the vehicle has a loan on it. If there is a loan, your lender will likely require comprehensive coverage. If you own your vehicle outright, other than state minimums, you can absorb the risk yourself.

The other major factor is the value of the vehicle. New vehicle prices are now averaging over $40,000. Even if you own it outright, it is a lot of risks to absorb.

Carrying Liability Only

If an older vehicle depreciates considerably, you could consider lowering your car insurance to cover liability only. Between your vehicle’s lower value and deductible, paying for comprehensive coverage may not be worth it.

It is often a rule of thumb that carrying comprehensive insurance would increase your premiums by more than 10% of what you would receive should your vehicle get “totaled,” you can probably drop to liability only.

Special Instances

Of course, there are always unique instances when a young person invests significantly in after-market add-ons to a vehicle or a classic is being restored. Contact us to make sure your car insurance is sufficient.

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Determine The Level Of Coverage You Need

Several factors determine the amount of automotive insurance coverage you require. The following considerations can guide you in selecting an insurance policy that provides suitable protection.

Driver Experience

A driver’s experience level can significantly influence the type of coverage that one opts for. New drivers, for instance, are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than more seasoned drivers. Therefore, your driving experience should significantly influence the type of automotive insurance policy you select.

Vehicle Value

The value of a vehicle can be an important determinant of the type of coverage needed. If you possess an expensive vehicle or if the vehicle is still under a loan payment, you may be inclined toward acquiring full-coverage automotive insurance. This covers repairs in the event of accident-induced damage to your vehicle.

Driving Patterns

A motorist’s driving habits should also be considered when determining coverage. Drivers who frequently use their vehicles might desire a comprehensive insurance policy. Assessing your driving patterns can help you choose the desired level of protection you want your insurance policy to provide.

Comparing Insurance Products

Once you have estimated the amount of coverage you need, it’s advisable to compare insurance products. Use online tools to perform this comparison conveniently from the comfort of your home.

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Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance can be a nerve-racking experience. It is even more complicated if you are doing it for the first time. If you are currently on the market looking for auto insurance, it is recommended that you ask the following questions. The answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision:

What coverage should I get?

Looking for auto insurance and choosing the right plan is an individual experience. You can choose from several coverage types. These types are collision, comprehensive, and other coverage types. 

The Deductible: how high should it be?

First of all, make sure to understand what the deductible is. It is the amount of money that a policyholder has to pay before their insurance covers the rest. Depending on your insurance plan, the deductible can be any amount. You should know and remember that the higher the deductible, the less you will pay for your insurance every month. 

Is there something that my insurance plan does not cover? 

Yes, there is. Any insurance plan has certain limitations, meaning it does not cover everything. The contract you are signing with an insurance agency contains all the information about limitations. However, ask an agent to tell you about them. 

It is normal to ask questions when you are shopping for insurance. It would be best if you asked questions to make the right choice. If you are from Laurel, MD, or any other surrounding area, and you are searching for car insurance, Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial is the right insurance company for you. We are a local team of insurance experts with knowledge and experience who are ready to assist you in purchasing the insurance you need. At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we work with clients in Laurel, MD, and all over Maryland. 

Things You Should Ask When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Responsible drivers and car owners know that having proper car insurance is extremely important. It protects a car owner/driver, vehicle, and passengers. If you want to ensure you get the right policy, you should ask the right questions. Here is a list of several options that you should always ask an agent when shopping for insurance:

What Type of Coverage Do I Need?

You should be aware of different coverage types, such as liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and others. Talk to an insurance agent to discuss your insurance needs and determine your coverage types. 

How Much Deductible Should I Have?

Your deductible is the out-of-pocket amount before your insurance kicks in and covers the rest. It would be best if you chose a deductible you can easily afford. 

How Is Your Premium Calculated?

Understand the factors that impact your monthly premium. These factors usually include your driving history, car make and model, age, and location. Knowing this can help you make an informed decision about your insurance policy.

Can I Customize My Policy?

Ask an insurance agent whether it is possible to customize your policy to fit your specific insurance needs. The ability to adjust your insurance policy can ensure that you are not paying for unnecessary extras. 

What Is the Claims Process Like?

Learn as much as possible about filing a claim. It would be best to learn about the expected response time and the insurer’s track record for customer service. A smooth claims process in stressful situations such as a car accident is extremely important. 

If you live in Laurel, MD, and are shopping for auto insurance, Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial is ready to assist you and provide all the necessary assistance. Contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving clients in Laurel, MD, and other nearby towns, to learn more about all the available insurance options.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Wild Animal Damage?

Auto insurance protects you from risks while on and off the road. Customizing your coverage to offer protection from unexpected events such as wild animal damage is also possible. Let the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial experts help you get the insurance coverage you need to prevent loss. We proudly serve the residents in and around the Laurel, MD, area. 

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage 

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, it will protect your vehicle from mishaps and incidents that are non-collision or liability-related. In instances where wild animals damage your vehicle, your comprehensive insurance coverage will provide protection. Examples of feral animal damage can include bears, moose, deer, and raccoons.

If you need to obtain high-quality, comprehensive Auto insurance, our experts can help. We can determine which levels of coverage are necessary to offer you the best blanket of protection against the unexpected. We take the time to learn which policy options match your needs and assist you with submitting documentation to acquire your insurance quickly. We also educate our customers on each policy’s terms and conditions so they can be well informed. We aim to provide insurance products and services that offer peace of mind.

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Having adequate auto insurance coverage is essential to prevent loss associated with risk. If you would like to learn more about comprehensive or any other insurance product we offer, please get in touch with us. Feel free to call or stop by the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial office, proudly serving Laurel, MD. Don’t guess when it comes to securing your auto insurance coverage. Let us work with you to help you feel secure on and off the road.

What Happens If Auto Insurance Lapses?

Auto insurance is probably one of your most important monthly expenses because the consequences of losing your insurance are steep. At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas, we want to help our customers avoid these consequences. Let’s learn more about what happens if auto insurance lapses. 

Legal Consequences 

First, you should know that there are legal consequences for driving without insurance. If you are caught driving without the proper insurance in place, the police do have the right to suspend your license. This can have far-reaching effects on your entire life. This could affect your job, it could affect your relationships, and if you’re in school, it could affect your ability to get back and forth to school as well. You always need to keep auto insurance current to avoid these consequences. 

Financial Consequences 

The other damaging consequence you might face would be financial. Auto insurance was created to help protect motorists from the steep financial consequences of accidents. Having an accident, even if you were the only vehicle involved, is expensive. If your car is damaged or lost, the repairs or replacement of that vehicle must be addressed  If other cars are involved, then you are responsible for the repairs or replacement of all vehicles involved. 

If there were also injuries in the accident, you would be held legally liable to pay for those expenses if you were found to be at fault. All these expenses add up quickly and could spell out financial disaster for you if you were required to pay for these expenses by yourself. Auto insurance protects you from this and pays for these expenses on your behalf.

To learn more about auto insurance, please get in touch with us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas. 

Demystifying Auto Insurance in Maryland: Your Go-to-Guide for Complete Coverage

Navigating the complexities of auto insurance coverage, rates, and policy provisions can overwhelm Maryland drivers. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD, can provide sound advice and help you choose the best auto insurance! 

Drivers in Maryland must carry the minimum amount of insurance mandated by the state. Drivers caught without proper insurance coverage and Maryland can face unwanted penalties and fines.

Maryland Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Get Liability Coverage to Meet State Minimum Requirements

Liability coverage is Maryland drivers’ most basic auto insurance coverage to meet the state minimum requirements.

Most people get liability insurance when they only need the basic minimum, and they aren’t concerned about adding on comp or collision coverage that offers additional financial protections. 

Collision and Comprehensive 

Collision and comprehensive insurance add more coverage to your auto insurance policy, which helps financially protect policyholders from accidental damage, vandalism, and other devastating outcomes that can cause them to have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for repair or replacement caused by accidental damage. 

Get advice from a licensed insurance agent to learn more about individual policy premiums and coverages to stay compliant with Maryland auto insurance laws. 

How to Start an Auto Insurance Policy in Maryland

Ready to start an auto insurance policy in Maryland and don’t know where to begin? No worries! An experienced Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial insurance agent can help you understand the benefits of bundled insurance policies and adding on premium coverage like emergency roadside assistance and towing.  

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The insurance professionals at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD, can help demystify the process of choosing the best auto insurance to meet your family’s needs. 

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Do Accidents Raise Your Insurance Rate if It’s Not Your Fault?

Having adequate auto insurance in place is required by law, but choosing the right policy and benefits to suit your lifestyle is essential. If you’re looking for quality auto insurance, Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial experts can provide the support you need to choose the proper coverage. We proudly serve the residents of Laurel, MD, and encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.


Accidents can happen at any time. That’s why having the right insurance in place is so crucial. Individuals recently involved in accidents that weren’t their fault may wonder if their insurance rates will increase. However, the general rule of thumb is that your insurance rate won’t increase if the accident is not your fault. It’s essential to understand the terms and conditions for each auto policy because not all insurance policies are the same.

Our helpful team members work hard to explain each policy’s fine print to ensure the customer is well-informed. We carefully assess each person’s situation and recommend policies based on those needs. Not only do we assist our customers with purchasing the policy, but we also offer support and guidance throughout the policy’s lifetime. We can provide documentation submissions and assist with any future claims.

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If you are currently interested in acquiring insurance for your automobile, be sure to reach out to Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, proudly serving the residents in and around the Laurel, MD, area. Call or stop by the office today and get answers to questions or consult with an insurance professional to learn more about coverage options in the services we provide.


Don’t Drive Illegally – Get Auto Insurance

Did you know driving without car insurance in 48 out of 50 states is illegal? Let Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving the Laurel, MD area, provide you with this coverage so you can drive legally.

Car insurance is required because the liability coverage portion of your policy will help pay for covered losses like the other party’s medical expenses and any damage done to their vehicle or property resulting from the incident. This critical coverage financially protects you if you are at fault in an accident. It will cover the injured party’s medical costs or the repairs to their vehicle.

If you do not have insurance, the police will probably charge you with driving without insurance. You could then lose your license and face a hefty fine and sometimes jail time, depending on your state. When you then decide to purchase car insurance, you will pay a higher premium for the coverage.

You could lose your vehicle if your car insurance is canceled for non-payment of premiums. Throughout the term of a loan, lenders require borrowers to have an active insurance policy. If the premium payments are no longer made, the auto loan provider can repossess them.

If you can pay monthly or annual premiums, annually is almost always the least expensive way to pay. Many insurance companies will give you a discount for paying in full as it requires less processing for them.

Insurance companies will not charge you more if you are financing your vehicle. But you will have more coverage requirements which will cost more than if you owned the car outright.

Don’t drive illegally. Make sure you have auto insurance. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial can give you a quote or answers to questions. Contact our team today.