Things to Consider When Insuring an Older Vehicle

There are some significant differences between insuring an older car in Laurel, MD and insuring an older one. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial wants to help you understand these differences and what you should know to avoid unnecessary risks while getting the most out of your car insurance.

Financial Responsibility

Every state, including Maryland, has financial responsibility laws, generally requiring you to carry some level of insurance. Even older vehicles must have policies with at least state minimum coverage limits.

Newer vs. Older Cars

When it comes to car insurance, two major factors will impact your decision. The first is whether the vehicle has a loan on it. If there is a loan, your lender will likely require comprehensive coverage. If you own your vehicle outright, other than state minimums, you can absorb the risk yourself.

The other major factor is the value of the vehicle. New vehicle prices are now averaging over $40,000. Even if you own it outright, it is a lot of risks to absorb.

Carrying Liability Only

If an older vehicle depreciates considerably, you could consider lowering your car insurance to cover liability only. Between your vehicle’s lower value and deductible, paying for comprehensive coverage may not be worth it.

It is often a rule of thumb that carrying comprehensive insurance would increase your premiums by more than 10% of what you would receive should your vehicle get “totaled,” you can probably drop to liability only.

Special Instances

Of course, there are always unique instances when a young person invests significantly in after-market add-ons to a vehicle or a classic is being restored. Contact us to make sure your car insurance is sufficient.

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