Will my home insurance in Laurel, Maryland cover the damages to my furniture’s while relocating?

If you are relocating from your Laurel, Maryland home to a larger new home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, you will probably hire a moving company to transport your furniture and other contents of your old home to your new place. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly during the process and your household goods will arrive safely and undamaged. However, if the movers drop your television or tear a gash in the upholstery of your living room couch, someone should have to pay to fix the damage or replace the item.

You can always file a loss and damage claim with the moving company, but, that can be a long and arduous process. If they dispute the incident or want to investigate further, it might take you three months to get a settlement check.

On the other hand, your home insurance contents coverage will usually pay for the damage that is caused in your house, while in transit, or while unloading your personal contents at your new house. Coverage is limited to only items shown or not excluded on your home insurance policy. For instance, if you have an antique Tiffany lamp worth $50,000, most standard Maryland home insurance policies will not pay for damage or theft of that item.

However, if you purchased a rider or additional coverage for your original and very old Tiffany lamp, your home insurance policy will cover any damages up to the limit of your coverage. As your independent agent, we would advise you to first seek recovery from the mover if they were the cause of the damage. I, on the other hand, you rented a truck and made the move yourself, then you should file a claim with your home insurance provider.

This subject can get a little confusing. Why not give us a call and talk to an independent agent who can help you decide the best way to pursue a claim for damage to your furniture or other personal items when you are relocating.

How do I go about Tag & Title service for my car if I am new to Maryland state registration?

When you move to the town of Laurel, Maryland or any part of the Mid Atlantic for that matter, you have a lot of things that you have to take care of to prepare yourself to live in your new location. However, one of the more important tasks is getting the tag, title and registration for your car switched over to your new address. If you are moving from out of state, this can be especially difficult.

The “old way” of doing this involves spending time waiting in line at the tag office. The tag office is not the most enjoyable place to spend the day. Quite often, this can take hours of your time—even forcing you to take a full day off of work or school, just to get all your paperwork in order. If you are just moving to the area, and you may have just started working a new job, you likely cannot afford giving up this whole day of work.

Luckily, there is a solution! Since you need to get insurance before you can obtain that registration, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it all in one place? Now you can. Mid Atlantic Tag and Title can help you find the best possible insurance for your particular situation then help you through the process of getting the tag and titled transferred to your new Maryland address.

When you come to Mid Atlantic, you will be treated professionally and will love the fast service. Additionally, you will save money—since you are working with an agent to help you get the perfect insurance policy for your particular situation. Instead of waiting in that line—come give Mid Atlantic Tag and Title a try. You will be glad you did!

Will my premium go high, If I add an additional driver to my car insurance policy in Laurel, Maryland?

If you have been insured with an auto insurance policy for any length of time in Laurel, Maryland, then you know that all licensed drivers have to be insured on an auto policy. The other driver will be required to be on your policy unless they have a policy of their own. If you need to add an additional driver to your coverage, then here are some things that you can expect your premium to do.

What Affects Your Premium if You Add a Driver to Your Policy?

· Adding a new driver to your policy will affect your premium. The big factor to consider is what the other driver’s record is like. If they have a lot of claims or moving violations, then your premium will go a lot higher than if their record was clean.

· If the other driver is under the age of 25, then you can expect to see a rise in your premium. After they turn 25 you can expect to see to see your premium decrease.

· Of course if the other person has a car that is has to be added, you may see a multi-car discount added to your policy. If the other person pays their part of the premium, then you may even see yourself paying less because of their car being added.

· Adding a new driver to your policy may mean that your coverage limits will have to increase. If there is an accident, you will want them to be protected from financial loss. Higher limits may mean a higher premium. In some states it means a lower premium for having the higher limits.

If you have questions that you need to have answer about your policy, you then need to contact your independent agent today. As your agent we can help answer all of your questions. It is important that you call us today so we can give you specific details about your policy today.

How immediate are funds released after a claim is approved in Washington D.C?

When you file a claim with your home insurance company in Washington D.C., you hope that your claim will get immediate attention and that it will be approved quickly. You probably will be even happier if the amount of the settlement is an amount that you think is very generous or at least enough to take care of the damage to your home. Once your claim is approved, the only other thing that can hold up the start of repairs is waiting to receive the funds from your home insurance company.

Every state, plus Washington D.C., has laws that help protect consumers when they file a claim with their insurance company. These laws may go by a variety of names like the Unfair Insurance Practices Act or the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. Essentially they are there to make sure that your insurance company treats you fairly and pays your approved claims promptly. Claims must be paid in a reasonable time.

It really would be quite unfair if you have coverage through your home insurance policy, file a claim, get it approved, and then have to wait six months to get the insurance company to cut you a check. Upon approval, payment should be almost immediate. It may take a few days for you to receive a settlement check, or, if you have the money electronically wired into your bank account, you can have it available to use by the next business day.

If your money is not released to you within more than a day or two, you have every right to call your insurer and demand that your funds are released without further delay. It is not like a big insurance company would have a problem coming up with the cash. As your independent agent, we can help make sure that you receive the funds you need to start fixing up your house or replacing personal property that was lost or damaged. If you have any concerns over the time it is taking to receive your funds, call us and an independent agent can step in and help.