Steps To Determining The Correct Life Insurance Amount

Life insurance is a scary thing to think about and some people do not even know how much they should get. It is one of the most common questions pertaining to life insurance and there is not a one size fits all answer. The truth is, your life insurance policy is as unique as you are and you should take some time determining the right amount. To help you with that process, simply answer these three questions. At the end, you will have a much better idea of how much life insurance you actually need.

  • How much debt do you owe? If you have debt, whether it is a mortgage note, credit card debt, or even a car note, that debt does not just go away when you pass. It goes to another person in your family. If you do not want someone else to have to pay your debt for you and take on that burden, then you need to make sure you have enough in your life insurance policy to cover it.
  • Do you financially care for someone? If you are financially responsible for someone, what happens after you pass? You need to make sure you have enough in your life insurance policy to financially care for them until they can get back on their feet and provide for themselves.
  • Have you set aside money for the funeral? Your funeral can become very expensive very quickly and these prices are rising. This is another thing you likely do not want to burden your family with so make sure you have enough set aside to cover the costs associated with the funeral.

For more information about life insurance or to get a quote, contact us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD today.



ATV Tips for First-Timers

Getting your first ATV is something you will probably remember for the rest of your life. Knowing how to use your new ATV, as well as understanding the other aspects of ATV ownership, will help you get the most out of your new toy.

Familiarize Yourself with the Controls

If you’ve never driven an ATV before, it is important to understand the role of everything on the dashboard. Your ATV dealer should be more than happy to go through everything with you to get you up to speed, but you may need to take some time on your own and read the owner’s manual.

Understand How it Handles

Some ATVs pack a lot of power and have speeds topping out at around 75 MPH. While most will not go that fast, understanding how much gas to give your ATV in order to get to your desired speed is important. Knowing how it handles on steep slopes, on different surface types, and with passengers will help keep you from getting in an accident.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

When you keep everything on your ATV running smoothly, you will find that the engine will turn over easier, and you will get good gas mileage. Most routine maintenance can be done by yourself, but you can always schedule an appointment with your dealer for things like brake pads and engine checks.

Get Your ATV Properly Insured

Having enough insurance on your ATV is vital to making sure you are covered if it gets stolen, or it gets damaged. The team at Front Range Insurance Services can work with you to determine how much insurance you need, and get it for you at a reasonable price.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Discounts as a Student

There are many discounts to be taken advantage of as a student. From local sports venue discounts to saving on your auto insurance, there are many ways to make your dollars stretch further. Here’s a look at health insurance for students and the discounts they may qualify for. 

School Plan Discounts

Many larger colleges and universities offer health coverage to their students. For some, the premiums are covered. For others, the associated premiums tend to be quite affordable because all students get a group rate. Plans purchased through schools usually offer an extensive line of benefits, including preventative coverage, hospitalization coverage, expanded medication options, and more. 

Individual Plans

Any one can purchase an individual health insurance plan. For college students, it’s important to communicate with the service provider that they are in fact students. Many providers will offer a discount for being a student, and an even steeper one for keeping good grades. 

Family Plan

Your last option as a college student buying health insurance is to stay on your family’s plan. Most policies allow students to stay covered until they are at 26-years-old and in school. Some policies will cover the student no matter how long they are in school. The same as with an individual plan, you should relay your enrollment status and your GPA with your family’s insurance provider to ensure you get the best discounts possible. 

Going to college and maintaining health insurance doesn’t have to be hassle. Visit the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial website today to learn more about your health insurance options and any discounts you may qualify for. 

Where can I get the best Tag and Title service in Maryland for renewing my car registration?

If you’re looking to renew your car registration in the Laurel, Maryland area, you have some good options. One of the best choices is to get it done quickly and efficiently through Mid Atlantic. You won’t have to wait in long lines, and you’ll get great service that’s fast. It’s possible to do almost anything here that you’d do at the state MVA, so unless you have a complex title issue there shouldn’t be any problem. It’s very satisfying to be able to get your car tag and title quickly and get on with your day.

When you visit us, you can get your registration, a duplicate title, or agricultural plates, among other things. Most issues can be handled right there. If you’re new to the state and need to transfer your car, we can do that, too. We’ll be happy to welcome you to Maryland and make sure you get your vehicle transfer taken care of. With a friendly yet professional feel, we can provide you with help and information about the area. Our hours cater to you and your busy schedule, as well, so you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get there before we close.

We want to help you save time, because we know time is money. Why would you want to stand in those long lines at the MVA when you can come see us, and get in and out a lot faster? We’re also affiliated with an insurance company, so you can take care of everything right in one place. Come get your title and tags, get a great insurance policy at a low price and you’ll be ready to hit the road and go on your next adventure.

How do I go about Tag & Title service for my car if I am new to Maryland state registration?

When you move to the town of Laurel, Maryland or any part of the Mid Atlantic for that matter, you have a lot of things that you have to take care of to prepare yourself to live in your new location. However, one of the more important tasks is getting the tag, title and registration for your car switched over to your new address. If you are moving from out of state, this can be especially difficult.

The “old way” of doing this involves spending time waiting in line at the tag office. The tag office is not the most enjoyable place to spend the day. Quite often, this can take hours of your time—even forcing you to take a full day off of work or school, just to get all your paperwork in order. If you are just moving to the area, and you may have just started working a new job, you likely cannot afford giving up this whole day of work.

Luckily, there is a solution! Since you need to get insurance before you can obtain that registration, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it all in one place? Now you can. Mid Atlantic Tag and Title can help you find the best possible insurance for your particular situation then help you through the process of getting the tag and titled transferred to your new Maryland address.

When you come to Mid Atlantic, you will be treated professionally and will love the fast service. Additionally, you will save money—since you are working with an agent to help you get the perfect insurance policy for your particular situation. Instead of waiting in that line—come give Mid Atlantic Tag and Title a try. You will be glad you did!

Why wait in long lines at the MVA? Mid Atlantic Tag & Title can issue yours Fast!

Ask anyone in Laurel, Maryland why they dread renewing their vehicle registration and they’ll tell you it’s the long lines. Waiting in line for up to hours at a time for tag and title service seems part and parcel to the MVA experience. In today’s fast-paced world where time is of the essence, chances are you’ll find yourself inconvenienced and frustrated at your local MVA office. Fortunately, Mid Atlantic offers a unique service that should make the aggravation of getting your registration done a thing of the past.

As an MVA-approved title service agency, Mid Atlantic Tag & Title provides a wide variety of services that would normally be handled at the MVA, save for licensing. These services include registration renewal, tag and title duplicates, tag returns and vehicle registration for new residents. Mid Atlantic is not only authorized to issue and renew plates, but the majority of their services can be done over the counter, saving you plenty of time and frustration. Mid Atlantic’s office hours are also designed to accommodate people whose busy schedules require a fair amount of flexibility. The end result is fast, professional service that makes skipping the MVA worthwhile.

Both auto dealers and the general public can benefit from Mid Atlantic’s tag and title services. Getting new plates, renewing stickers and receiving duplicate title and registration is made much easier and faster. Mid Atlantic is also a one-stop shop for auto insurance, thanks to its access and ability to compare prices among over a dozen well-known insurance providers. As your Maryland independent agent, we can give you the run-down on Mid Atlantic Tag & Title’s MVA-approved services, as well as offer you more ways to keep more money in your pocket when it comes to your insurance.

How much Life Insurance should an Individual Own in Laurel, Maryland?

No one ever likes to think about what their family’s life will be like once they pass on, but the reality is that eventually everyone will leave their current life–some sooner than others. One way in which you can prepare to make life easier on your loved ones is to have plenty of life insurance so that your family’s financial needs are taken care of during their grieving process. Every adult should have their own insurance policy if they have people who depend on them such as parents of minor children, grandparents who are raising grandkids or individuals who have disabled adult children for whom they are caregivers. Insurance money is meant to cover your loss of income should you pass away while you still have people to care for. To decide how much insurance you need, simply multiply your own annual income by at least ten times. If you earn $50,000 a year, then you should have–at minimum–a $500,000 life insurance policy. This way your family will have plenty of money to use and invest so that they can maintain their current standard of living. Some experts even recommend getting as much as 20 times your annual income, or in this case a $1 million policy. Since the cost of living in Laurel, Maryland is a bit higher than other places in the United States, aiming for 15 times is a good option. It’s important for both parents to have their own policies, even if one is a stay at home parent. The economic value that a stay at home parent provides is significant, so it’s wise to purchase at least $500,000 in life insurance for them. To get more information about which type of life insurance policy is right for you, contact your independent agent in Laurel. We can work with you to help you decide the amount of life insurance that is right for your needs.