Understanding Your Health Insurance Discounts as a Student

There are many discounts to be taken advantage of as a student. From local sports venue discounts to saving on your auto insurance, there are many ways to make your dollars stretch further. Here’s a look at health insurance for students and the discounts they may qualify for. 

School Plan Discounts

Many larger colleges and universities offer health coverage to their students. For some, the premiums are covered. For others, the associated premiums tend to be quite affordable because all students get a group rate. Plans purchased through schools usually offer an extensive line of benefits, including preventative coverage, hospitalization coverage, expanded medication options, and more. 

Individual Plans

Any one can purchase an individual health insurance plan. For college students, it’s important to communicate with the service provider that they are in fact students. Many providers will offer a discount for being a student, and an even steeper one for keeping good grades. 

Family Plan

Your last option as a college student buying health insurance is to stay on your family’s plan. Most policies allow students to stay covered until they are at 26-years-old and in school. Some policies will cover the student no matter how long they are in school. The same as with an individual plan, you should relay your enrollment status and your GPA with your family’s insurance provider to ensure you get the best discounts possible. 

Going to college and maintaining health insurance doesn’t have to be hassle. Visit the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial website today to learn more about your health insurance options and any discounts you may qualify for.