Used Family Cars: Finding the One Best for Your Family

Here are a couple of differences and similarities that you will notice when going to buy a new or used car for your family. 

New and used cars greatly differ in their prices

If you’re going to buy a new car for your family, that’s great, but you should be aware that you will have to pay a pretty penny to cover your monthly payments. Used cars on the other hand feature some of today’s best deals on personal transportation, so if you concerned with money, then buying used is the way to go. 

They have a lot of the same technology

Cars that were manufactured at the turn of the century featured lots of new technologies that enhance the safety of drivers and passengers. So while buying a new car might seem like you’re family will be safer, you should know that many of your used car options are just as safe. 

Both come with warranties

Depending on where you purchase the new or used car, you will likely be able to take advantage of a warranty. If a used car has a warranty that has expired, you can always invest in a third-party warranty provider. It’s important to understand your warranties as they can save thousands of dollars in the event that your car was to break down. When buying a new car, you shouldn’t have to ask for a warranty because it should automatically come with one.

To learn more about buying a used car for your family, contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial today. A reputable agent is happy to assist you with all inquiries.

Cleaning Tips: Unexpected Uses of Cleaning Supplies You Need to Know

Home cleanliness is something that people consider to be so important for their day to day life. In order to save money on the cleaning supplies why can’t you consider the following cleaning tips?

Krud Kutter

This product can be used in several areas. You can use Krud Kutter for laundry, washing windows, removing soap scum, cleaning metal, leather, wood, carpets, fabric and counter tops.


Vinegar is used to sterilize everything in the home. This is after using the Krud Kutter in cleaning the areas. This ranges from showers, bath tubs, kitchen and kitchen appliances, hardware and porcelain. Vinegar can also be used during those cold winters. All you need to do is put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over the house including the carpet, drapes and any fabric furniture and the musty smell will disappear.

Old English Lemon Oil

You can use the Old English lemon oil to polish wooden furniture and also stainless steel appliances. This will also include the refrigerator. The multiple uses of this product tremendously cuts costs and leaves your home sparkling clean.

A home investment is a dream for many and as such one of the most valuable assets that one can own. To protect such investments one needs to purchase an equal protection of the asset through insurance. When buying home insurance one should consider such things as damage caused by weather or other natural disasters, theft or any other unforeseen conditions. If you own or intend to own a home in Laurel, Bowie, Silver Spring, Annapolis, Columbia or Baltimore, Maryland we highly recommend that you understand the insurance coverage options available for you. As you endeavor to keep your home clean, please review your home insurance with Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to make sure that you have the coverage that you need.

Items In Your Home You Should Recycle

There are so many things in our world that can recycled. All it takes is looking around to see what can be recycled instead of being thrown out. Making a small difference in this area can make a huge difference in the world. Use these recycling tips to see what all you can recycle at home and start making a difference in our world today. Contact us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to examine your current homeowners insurance policy or start a new one. 

  • Plastic Water Bottles. If you drink a lot of water this way, do everything you can to recycle them. You can even take it one step further and start using a water filter and reuseable water bottles to reduce your impact overall.
  • Plastic Bags. Unless you use reuseable bags every time you go to the grocery store, you likely have a lot of extra plastic bags hanging around your home. Instead of just throwing them away, recycle them. You can use them as small trash bags for smaller trash cans in your home or take all of the plastic bags to a recycling center. Many grocery stores today even have an area where you can recycle them.
  • Paper. One of the biggest things you can do is recycle paper and you have more of it in your home than you think. All of your junk mail can be recycled. Also, you can donate shredded paper as well when you decide that you want to get rid of old documents. You can also recycle books when you are done with them instead of throwing them away. You can donate them to a local thrift store or other place in your community if you do not want to recycle them. 

Things every Teen Driver Needs to Know

Most of the time, teen drivers are ready to hit the road as soon as they get their license.  However, there is a growing body of evidence that shows the importance of limiting when and where they drive as well as how many people are in the vehicle with them.

These restrictions might dramatically reduce the occurrences of the teen being involved in an accident.  Adults need to keep in mind that they are the ones who hold the keys and have the power to set limitations.

Which restrictions are important though?  How should they be enforced?

Know the Law

Many of the states have a system for licenses that is graduated.  This limits when the teen can drive and even how many people can be in the vehicle when they are driving.  Parents need to not only know these rules, but also enforce them.

Restrict Night Driving

Around 40% of all teen crashes involving fatalities occur at night.  This makes it imperative to limit the driving a teen does once the sun goes down.  Many states set a curfew for teen drivers but some of the are not until after midnight.  Consider setting an earlier time for your teen.

Limit Passengers

There have been studies that show that the more people there are in a vehicle, the higher the chances are of there being a crash.  This is because rowdy passengers can be distracting.  Also, other teens might try to talk the driver into taking chances.

Once you have all of that down, it is imperative that your insurance coverage is adequate for the laws in Laurel, MD regarding teen drivers.  Review your current policy through Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to make sure that you have the proper amount of coverage in the event that the unthinkable happens.