What are the Benefits of Title Insurance?

Buying a new home, vehicle, or other piece of real property is always a major investment.  Due to the importance of these investments, making sure the asset is properly insured is an important responsibility.  For those that are located in the Laurel, MD area, one important type of insurance that must be obtained is title insurance.  There are several reasons why having title insurance is very important.

Provides Protection

When you purchase a home, vehicle, or other asset, your lender will require that a title search will be completed on the asset.  A title search will confirm whether or not there are any outstanding liens against the asset.  In the majority of situations, any outstanding liens will be properly identified and you will be aware if there are any potential responsibilities.  

While title searches are usually accurate, there are situations in which they can miss an outstanding item.  In these situations title insurance will provide you with coverage to pay for the liens that were missed on the title report.  In most cases, your lender will require you to have insurance coverage up to the amount of the outstanding loan.  

Additional Title Insurance

It may be wise to purchase additional title insurance as well.  If there is a significant lien on the asset, the lien holder could potentially use it to foreclose on your asset.  While the lender will be repaid through their policy, you could potentially lose all equity that you have in your home.  The additional title insurance will be ensure that your equity is protected. 

Due to the importance of title insurance, Laurel, MD area residents should reach out to Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to discuss their insurance needs.  Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial will be able to explain the benefits of title insurance and make sure that your insurance needs are properly met.  

How to Change Auto Insurance Providers

When your auto insurance is close to renewal, the easier approach is to stay with the same insurer and continue paying the same premiums as before. Nevertheless, this could prove costly later on. There is always a possibility of getting a better deal when you switch your Laurel, MD insurance provider.

At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we recommend that you shop for a new insurance carrier after every 2 or 3 years. When you shop around, you could end up saving between 5 and 50 percent each year. But when you do find a good rate and make the decision to change your carrier, keep in mind that sloppy transitions often lead to gaps in your auto insurance coverage. Follow these steps to guarantee a successful switch:

Shop Around

Many policies are issued for durations of 6 to 12 months. The best time to start looking for a new carrier will be when:

  • You move to a new state
  • You’re remaining with a month or two before the policy lapses
  • You purchase a new car

When looking to change your insurance provider, make inquiries pertaining to liability protection as well as bodily injury protection.

Establish whether there are Potential Penalties

When you decide that changing your carrier is the ideal move, determine whether you will be penalized for switching before the coverage period comes to an end. Insurers typically allow clients to cancel their policies at any time, but the clients are often required to provide advance notice. If you choose to cancel midterm, inquire from the insurer on the kind of penalties that will be imposed.

Investigate the New Insurer

Thoroughly investigate each insurer before you sign up. Check to confirm if other clients are happy with the way the insurer resolves their claims. Do not just sign up because they are promising lower rates than your current insurer.

Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial provides different auto insurance coverage options in Laurel, MD. Feel free to visit, email, or call our offices for all your auto insurance needs.