Laurel, MD: Common Life Insurance Myths

If you’re considering investing in life insurance, it is imperative that you consider your many options. It’s also pertinent to speak with a qualified life insurance agent serving the Laurel, MD area. By speaking with this type of agent, you can rest assured that all of your life insurance needs will be met.

From assessing your individual needs to determining whether or not you actually need life insurance, an agent can explain the ins-and-outs of the various life insurance policies that are best suited for you. In addition to explaining the policies that are available to you, an agent can go over the common life insurance myths that people often fall for. It’s important that you don’t fall for these myths or you could end up losing out on benefits that are available to you and your beneficiaries. 

Life insurance myth #1: If you’re not married, you don’t need life insurance

Just because you aren’t married, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need life insurance. Life insurance funds are meant to be used as a beneficiary benefit to those you help support. For instance, if you have any children and they have yet to go through college, you may want to invest in life insurance to cover the associated expenses in the event that you were to pass away before they have completed their post-secondary education. 

Life insurance myth #2: Life insurance is always expensive

There are many life insurance policies that can be invested in at extremely affordable premiums. Some of the best policies and most inexpensive ones are term life insurance plans; however, depending on your exact needs, a permanent life insurance plan might be better suited. To learn more about your life insurance options, please contact an agent serving your area from Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial.


5 Tips For Halloween Safety

There are many Halloween safety tips that you can follow in Maryland. You want to make sure that trick-or-treaters are safe and that your home is safe as well. These tips should help you tremendously.

#1: Clear a Path

Clear a path for all of the trick-or-treaters. This includes removing broken branches from the yard, ensuring that extension cords are out of the way, and more. Otherwise, trick-or-treaters could easily trip on your property.

#2: Light it Up

Make sure that your property is well lit. Turn on the porch light and use other lights in order to make sure kids can see the front door easily.

#3: Watch Flammables

Halloween is a time where you may have luminaries, candles, and various other things. Watch to make sure that the flames are under control. Also make sure that flammables are nowhere near the open flames so that you don’t experience a fire or anything else.

#4: Fill Holes

Kids will often run between properties, so fill holes that you may have in your yard. You don’t want a kid catching their feet in a hole and twisting their ankle.

#5: Watch Kids

Watch the kids and make sure that they are following rules. They should be walking everywhere instead of running. Ensure kids are holding up longer costumes so that they are not tripping.

As always, a good homeowner’s insurance policy can go a long way. It will allow you to have further peace of mind and ensure that you can file a claim instead of paying out-of-pocket for any damages.

Call us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial today to learn about homeowners insurance. We can talk to you about coverage options, compare quotes on your behalf, and more. It will ensure that your home in Laurel, Maryland is protected during Halloween and through the rest of the year.