Different Kinds of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable investment for you and your family. It helps protect them when you are no longer around. However, there are different kinds of life insurance options out there, which is why we at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial want to make sure you are educated on the potential opportunities available to you, whether you live in Laurel, MD or the surrounding area. 

Term Life Insurance

This is a straight forward form of life insurance. It only pays out what is known as "death benefits" as it requires the policy holder to pass on in order to pay. This does make term life insurance more affordable though, so if you’re on a budget or are not interested in the potential of withdrawing your investment early, this is usually the way to go. Term life insurance can also be purchased for set periods of time, such as 10, 20 or 30 years. 

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance does vary from term life in that you can opt into not only death benefit protection, but there is an associated cash value to the life insurance policy. There is no time limit for when the insurance policy expires or is no longer good. As long as the premium is always paid the life insurance will stay active. There are several smaller categories of permanent life insurance available. 

Taking out a life insurance policy is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. It provides your family with the protection they deserve while ensuring your peace of mind. There are different kinds of life insurance options out there, so if you ever have a question in Laurel, MD, make sure to contact our team at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial. We are here to help. 

Survive Damage Due to Storms with Commercial Property Insurance

Your Laurel, MD house isn’t the only building that can be damaged during a severe summer storm or even a rare hurricane. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial can help your business recover from the trauma of a sudden hail storm, blizzard, or torrential downpour with quality commercial property insurance.

Fix the Roof and Replace Equipment

Flat roofs are just as likely to be ripped open during a tornado as your suburban house’s shingled roof. Water can pour in from the gap, wreaking havoc among computers and factory machinery. Your commercial property insurance will be able to compensate you for the emergency repairs to the roof, walls, doors, and windows while providing assistance in getting the bones of the business back on track. Maintaining a current inventory of capital equipment with proper valuation is key to expediting any claim.

Get Back to Standard Operations Quickly

If you skipped talking to an insurance agent, you may have ended up with holes in your commercial property policy, which results in costly delays. When you have sufficient coverage with the right company, you can enjoy expedited response allowing you to focus on the task of cleaning, repairs, and restoring your business back to daily operation without pause. That means positive cash flow can be restored sooner.

Expected Expense Defends Against the Unexpected

It’s good business to have controllable costs that recur on a regular base. However, disasters do happen. By ensuring your Laurel, MD commercial property is protected against the unexpected, emergencies can be turned into simple bumps in the road, instead of life-altering situations. Talk to your agent with Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to ensure that you have all the needed coverage in place to turn that severe summer storm into nothing more than a passing shower.