Do single people need life insurance?

A lot of people make the assumption that if they’re single, they don’t need to be bothered with life insurance. The truth is that anyone who has loved ones who would suffer as a result of their death needs to have a life insurance policy in place to protect them.  If the following situations apply to your life, then you need to have life insurance.

  1. You don’t have enough assets today for your final expenses. If your estate can’t cover your funeral, then it will have to be paid for by someone else. Small policies are often sold to singles specifically for this reason. Fortunately, they are relatively cheap.
  2. You have relatives who depend on you. Kids and/or elderly parents that rely on you for financial support will be effected by your death. Life insurance funds can be used to replace child support payments as well as provide funds to attend college. They can also provide lifelong care and/or someone to take over the tasks you normally do for your parents. 
  3. You own a business. If your death would be the end of your business, then you need to be insured. While many banks will insist on a policy if you have a business loan, it’s also a good idea to keep a policy that will compensate your employees and provide them with some severance as they look for new jobs.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, then call the agents at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial. They have years of experience helping people find the life insurance policy that is right for them at a price that fits into their budget

Advice for Avoiding Fender Bender Fraud in Laurel, Maryland

Even in a place like Laurel, Maryland, fender benders are bound to happen. And usually, when they do, each party checks on the other and their vehicles and insurance companies, like Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, handle the rest. However, sometimes these minor accidents become much bigger deals due to injuries one party suffers and in many of those cases, there are fraudulent claims being made by the injured party, as they are trying to squeeze some money out of a minor incident. These claims can be difficult to disprove in court, though there are some things that can be done immediately after the incident occurs to protect from this fender bender fraud. Below is some advice for avoiding fender bender fraud in Laurel, Maryland.


The more evidence you can present later in the event of a fraud case of the actual fender bender itself, the better. So take as many pictures of the accident itself, the area where the accident occurred and the other party involved to see if they are injured right after the fact. These photos or footage will be very helpful in the event this ever goes to court.


The police will arrive on the scene and file their own report and take statements from all the parties involved. This is important in the event the case ever goes to court, as the police are trusted above all parties to give impartial third party statements, backing up the truth.


The sooner your insurance company knows the fender bender happened, the better, so they can protect you and themselves from any fraudulent claims that may be coming their way from the other party involved in the accident.