Does Getting Married Have an Impact on Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life. You are making a pledge to be with someone for the rest of your life. But after getting married, the happy couple may find themselves busy combining their lives together. The bride may change her name with social security and with her local DMV. And the couple may change their life insurance policies and bank account information. If you have recently gotten married, a trip to your auto insurer may also be warranted following the wedding.

After getting married, you and your spouse may want to combine your auto insurance policies, if you have not already done so. Adding two cars to one insurance policies, rather than having separate policies for each car, is often cheaper. In addition to combing your auto insurance policies and starting one together, both you and your spouse may be eligible for a married couple discount. Many people do not realize that married individuals pay a bit less for auto insurance than those with similar cars and driving records who are single. You may find yourself wondering why this is.

Plain and simply, studies have shown that those who are married are less likely to get in an automobile accident than those who are single. As such, your risk factors are lower when you are married. The auto insurance company can then pass along a discount your way thanks to your reduced risk factors.

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Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for Maryland Drivers

Like many other states, every driver in Maryland is required to purchase auto insurance, or they could face stiff penalties. They’re also required to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, which includes both property damage and bodily injury. And these amounts are $15,000 and $30,000 respectively. Maryland drivers are also required to carry a minimum of $60,000 in liability coverage for two or more people.

If you’re planning to move out of the state of Maryland or are planning to cancel your auto insurance policy, you are required to return your license plates to an MVA branch office, and you may have to provide your registration and other information in certain circumstances. This will apply if you are planning to move in or out of the state.

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Penalties for Driving Uninsured in Maryland

Maryland drivers could face certain penalties if they don’t have an active auto insurance policy that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements, which can include fines or a suspension of their auto registration. Their vehicle could also be impounded, and they could receive a citation from a law enforcement officer.

It’s against the law to drive without auto insurance in the state of Maryland, so it’s important to keep an active policy at all times. Otherwise, you could face the following penalties:

•    A $150 fine for the first 30 days, and an additional $7 for each one after that (with a maximum fine of $2,500).
•    A suspension of your vehicle’s registration and it could be impounded if you drive while it’s suspended.

If you don’t respond to any insurance notification from the MVA, your case will be transferred to the Central Collection Unit (CCU), and it will result in a 17% collection fee and an interception of your most recent income tax return.

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