What are the add-on benefits available in Washington, DC, on my auto insurance policy?

If you live in Washington, DC and have to drive around the city every day, you know how crazy traffic can be. Not only is the normal traffic of drivers who live in the area, but there are also a large amount of visitors and tourists driving around and adding to the congestion.

Anytime you have very crowded roads, your chances of getting into an accident increase. Consequently, if you are driving around Washington DC, you should buy a very comprehensive auto insurance policy and also consider including some of the add-on benefits that are available from your insurance provider.

If you are driving a new car and are making payments to the finance company, you may want to consider buying Gap insurance. Gap insurance can help you avoid a big financial loss if your car is totaled or stolen and you owe more on the car than it is currently worth. If, for example you still owe $20,000 on a three year old car that is only valued at $12,000 after three years of depreciation, you could be on the hook for $8,000 if your car is totaled and your auto insurance only pays out the maximum claim amount of $12,000. With Gap insurance, the remaining balance will be paid off by your carrier and you can start with a fresh slate.

Roadside assistance is a valuable add-on because it will cover towing and basic roadside service like changing a flat tire or bringing you gas if your tank is empty. However, if you already are a member of an auto club like AAA, you should not waste any money buying what is essentially the same coverage.

Rental reimbursement can come in handy if you are in an accident and need to rent a car for two weeks while your car is repaired. At an average of $40 per day to rent a car in Washington DC, the $20 or so, is a small price to pay for this valuable coverage.

These are just a few of the many add-ons you can buy. There are others like medical expenses, funeral expenses and work or income loss also available from most auto insurance companies. To find out all of the available add-on benefits that you might want to include in your DC auto policy, give us a call and an independent agent will be ready to explain all of your options.

Disclaimer: “ The content of these blogs do not represent any type of specific coverage’s offered by the agency.”

Is there a cost applied to get a replacement title in Washington, DC?

As your independent agent in Washington, DC, we do not just have answers about insurance. We know that sometimes you need to get a replacement title for your vehicle because your one was lost or stolen. One big question you are asking is will there be a charge for this replacement?

Sadly, the answer is Yes, but the cost applied is a reasonable one – only $26. Any DMV service location would be able to assist you with obtaining this replacement title, as long as you have the following information:

  • A signed Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title. This must be signed by all owners.

  • Vehicle Identification. This can be any one of the following that can be used to identify the correct tag/title:

    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    • Title Number

    • Tag (license plate) Number

    • Registration Card

    • Registration Renewal Notice

  • Personal Identification: For each owner, a valid and unexpired District of Columbia driver’s license, learner’s permit or ID card must be shown.

  • And of course, the payment – $26

    • As well as cash and money orders, some credit cards can be used for payment.

      • VISA

      • MasterCard

      • Discover

    • American Express is NOT accepted.

If for some reason you are unable to get to a local DMV service location, the materials above (with copies of your ID, rather than the originals), can be mailed to:


PO Box 90120

Washington, D.C. 20090

For further information, you can give one of our independent agents a call so we can give you the specific details you need for your situation.

Best approach to buy home insurance policy in Laurel, Maryland; Direct sellers, Captive agents or independent insurance agents?

When you are thinking about buying home insurance for your Laurel, Maryland home, there are a number of different ways you can approach the task. Home insurance is offered through several different channels. You can buy it from captive agents, through an independent agent, or through a direct seller.

The best way to buy a home insurance for one person may not always be the best way to buy home insurance for another person. When you buy from direct sellers, you may realize some savings because there is no middleman or agent that needs to be paid. The disadvantage is that you may not have the same level of customer service as you would have with an independent agent or a captive agent.

Captive agents are those that only represent one insurance company. An example would be your local Laurel Maryland State Farm office. Captive agents can sell a variety of different types of insurance like auto, home and life, but you are buying from the same insurance company. Sometimes that is good if you buy several different policies because you may qualify for a multi-policy discount. Also, captive agents provide good customer service and have the backing of a large and financially stable insurance company.

An independent agent offers many benefits that may make it your best choice for your home and other insurance needs. An independent agent represents a number of different home insurers and can shop around, get quotes, and find you the lowest premium. An independent agent can also switch you from one insurer to another if one insurance company suddenly offers a lower rate than another.

When you are looking for a home policy, you should approach the selection process methodically. Consider what is most important to you. Do you only want to deal with a big-name insurer? Is price your only concern? Would you rather have an independent agent who will give you the best customer service and work hard to get you the best rates and coverage, year in and year out? It is your choice.

What kind of License Plates are issued for Disabled Veterans in Laurel, Maryland?

If you are a disabled veteran in Laurel, Maryland and want to find out about getting a disabled veteran license plate, chances are you’ll be impressed by just how easy it is to secure your specialty plate from the motor vehicle association.

When you go into the MVA office to renew your disabled license plates or to apply for a new kind of specialty plate, you’ll need to bring your tag/title and a letter from the Veteran’s Administration. In order to be eligible for a disabled veteran’s specialty plate, you’ll need a letter stating that you are 100% disabled.

Veterans have the choice of a standard disabled plate with the handicap universal symbol or a disabled veteran’s plate with the universal symbol.

Disability plates can also be combined with other custom license plate features, like the Chesapeake Bay background, but these require a bit of extra processing time, and applicants must still supply a letter indicating their disability status.

The top advantage of a disabled veteran’s plate is more cash in your pocket! Over time, a disabled veterans plate can result in significant savings. As a thank-you for service to your country, disabled veterans license plates are issued free of charge, while most standard plates cost $20 the first time they are issued, followed by a $5 renewal fee.

If you have any issues with your application for a disabled veteran’s license plate, simply contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association with questions. They can provide all the information you need on specialty plates and disabled veteran plates, whether you’re doing research for yourself or for a disabled veteran you know. This is a specialty plate that’s worth the time it takes to request!