Your Local Food Bank Could Use Your Time and Talents

The Washington, DC area is full of hustle and bustle, and that can make it easy to forget that there are still people there who need assistance. Giving back to the community can be a great way to be reminded of that, and one of the ways to give back is through volunteering your time and talents to the local food bank. Even in areas of the country where some people have so much, there are definitely people who have very little.

By providing them with some food that they otherwise couldn’t afford, they can get a good meal and have the strength to get through their day. Whether it’s a homeless person who doesn’t have any money for food or a family who’s just a little short on funds and trying to make it through until the next payday, getting help from the food bank can make a big difference. While these organizations often have enough food to give out, they may not have enough people to hand out the food and help all the people who come through the doors.

When you offer your time and talents to your Washington, DC food bank, you give help and hope to many people who need it and who make up a part of your local community. Another way you can help your community is by supporting the local businesses there, like getting your insurance from Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial. When you support local businesses, they are better able to survive and thrive. That can lead to them also helping the local area, which is a winning situation for everyone involved.

House Sitting 101: How to Remain Safe

House sitting for a friend is a great way to escape your house and make a little extra money for your trouble. Although it sounds like a sweet deal, there are many things you should be concerned with while you house sit, primarily your safety.

At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, your safety is top-priority. The next time you house sit, keep the following tips in mind.

Know where your friends keep their emergency kits. Anything can happen to you while you are house sitting so it’s important that you are prepared for the worst. You should locate an emergency kit, and have it readily available, just in case you may need it during your stay.

Locate each fire extinguisher in advance. Fires are a major threat to you and to your friend’s home. In order to prevent severe damage from a fire, you have to know where each fire extinguisher is located. You also need to know exactly how to use it.

Arm all security mechanisms. From intrusion alarms to cameras, you should ensure that everything is armed while you are house sitting. If you experience an intrusion, these devices will help you remain safe and alert the appropriate authorities.

Secure backup communication devices. Radios are great to have when you are house sitting. If a weather-related disaster occurs while you are house sitting, radios will help you remain informed.

At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we want you to be prepared for the challenges of house sitting. We also want to ensure that you are safe while driving to and from your friend’s home by providing you with car insurance. You can visit our website to determine the best auto coverage for your vehicles.


How to Make the Most of Your Rented Kitchen

The kitchen really is the one place in your apartment you don’t have many decorating options. Your Laurel, MD landlord might let you paint the walls, but with everything built into place, it may seem like you’re stuck with the current appearance. Not so fast, actually. There are plenty of subtle changes you can bring into the kitchen, no matter the size or configurations of the room. Just make sure to cover any appliances or other larger ticket items with renter’s insurance through Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial. For a small monthly fee, you can protect everything inside of your apartment. After all, you never know what might happen in an apartment when other people are living in such close proximity.

Temporary Backsplash

A backsplash really adds a burst of color to the kitchen and livens the room up. However, outside of a few high-end apartments, your apartment might not have a backsplash. There is a way around this. You can pick up vinyl decals designed specifically for this. It is fun, adds interest and is inexpensive (plus pulls off without leaving a mark). Fabric placed against the wall using either liquid starch or clear vinyl also works beautifully and is temporary.

Cutting Board

Do you lack countertop space? Pick up a cutting board large enough to cover the stove top when not in use. It is easy to move out of the way, yet provides several square feet of additional countertop space. It is also easy to wash and you can use it as a serving platter when friends are over.


Some small plants in your kitchen livens up the room, gives a fresh feeling and helps improve the air flow. Consider plants you might cook with, such as parsley or basil.

Call your friendly agents at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial for a renters insurance quote or review.

3 Reasons to Work with an Independent Insurance Agent

Navigating your maze of insurance options can be an undertaking. With so much at stake, choosing the wrong option can have severe consequences. Fortunately, in your quest to find the best insurance coverage for your family, you have a partner by your side the entire time—independent insurance agents.

At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial our independent insurance agents are proven experts. They help you on your journey in becoming insured by providing you with the following three benefits.

They Explain Difficult Concepts

Insurance jargon can be confusing. From deductibles to indemnities, our independent insurance agents help you understand what each term. They also help you understand how your choices affect your finances. Armed with insider information about insurance, you can choose the best insurance for your family.

They Are Consultants during the Sale

Our insurance agents act as your consultants, providing you with information so that you can make an informed decision about your coverage. We want you to be satisfied with your insurance policy and will equip you with the tools you need to make an educated decision.

They Are Your Partners after the Sale Too

All too often customers are on their own when they purchase insurance from companies, but at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial we are your partners the entire time you are our customers. Whether you are interested in updating your insurance in the future, or you simply want to add more insurance, we are here for you.

Our independent insurance agents are not salespeople, but consultants. They help you understand and choose the best insurance for your family, regardless of your situation. When you are ready to get insurance, call one of our agents or get a free quote online.