Can I Get an Auto Insurance Discount if I Barely Drive My Car?

Getting auto insurance discounts is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of your premiums, and often, all you have to do to get the discount is to ask. If you don’t use your car to commute to work, or have a very short commute, you may qualify for a discount because you rarely drive the car. After all, a car that’s not on the road as much presumably won’t be as likely to be involved in an accident.

The specifics of how to get the discount vary from one insurance company to another, but you should always explain your situation and ask the agent if you qualify. Many insurance companies ask for your estimated annual mileage and automatically adjust your premiums based on the mileage. Others have a specific low mileage discount if your annual mileage is below a specific threshold.

If you only drive your car during particular times of the year, ask about seasonal auto insurance. This type of insurance adjusts the coverage to the state minimum during your off season, and then boosts your coverage to the levels you want during the season when you drive it. You can also ask about labeling a driver on your policy as an occasional driver, which is perfect for college students who will drive only during their breaks from school.

Lower Your Car Insurance Premium: Three Top Tips

If you are a resident of Glenn Dale, Bowie, Greenbelt, Maryland City, Fairland, Cloverly, Colesville, Burtonsville, or Adelphi and have been looking for a better solution for car insurance, take heart: It may be easier to lower your premium than you think! While your current agent might be telling you that you already have the lowest cost policy possible, this is not always actually the case. With a few smart tips you can cut costs while retaining quality car insurance.

Tip One: Consider a higher deductible. A higher deductible can make a major difference in your bottom line. Even a relatively small deductible raise, from $200 up to $500, can knock your car insurance rates down by up to 30 percent, according to MSNBC’s Money website. If you are willing to up your deductible even more, say up to $1000, you can realize greater savings on your premiums: In the range of 40 percent.

Tip Two: Shop around and compare offers from multiple insurance providers. It can be as simple as taking a little time to get comparison quotes over the web! Our online quoting tools features automatic pre-fill of your vehicle information, takes only a few minutes to complete, and will give you rates from some of the top companies in the New England area.

Tip Three: Look for discounts. Many insurance companies offer special discounts to certain groups of people, and you are likely to qualify for at least one of these discounts. Insurance providers may offer student discounts, safe driver discounts, multiple car discounts, or discounts for having your life or health insurance through the same provider as the company providing your car insurance.

Use the simple tips we have outlined here if you want to get the best possible deal on your car insurance!