Things every Teen Driver Needs to Know

Most of the time, teen drivers are ready to hit the road as soon as they get their license.  However, there is a growing body of evidence that shows the importance of limiting when and where they drive as well as how many people are in the vehicle with them.

These restrictions might dramatically reduce the occurrences of the teen being involved in an accident.  Adults need to keep in mind that they are the ones who hold the keys and have the power to set limitations.

Which restrictions are important though?  How should they be enforced?

Know the Law

Many of the states have a system for licenses that is graduated.  This limits when the teen can drive and even how many people can be in the vehicle when they are driving.  Parents need to not only know these rules, but also enforce them.

Restrict Night Driving

Around 40% of all teen crashes involving fatalities occur at night.  This makes it imperative to limit the driving a teen does once the sun goes down.  Many states set a curfew for teen drivers but some of the are not until after midnight.  Consider setting an earlier time for your teen.

Limit Passengers

There have been studies that show that the more people there are in a vehicle, the higher the chances are of there being a crash.  This is because rowdy passengers can be distracting.  Also, other teens might try to talk the driver into taking chances.

Once you have all of that down, it is imperative that your insurance coverage is adequate for the laws in Laurel, MD regarding teen drivers.  Review your current policy through Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to make sure that you have the proper amount of coverage in the event that the unthinkable happens.