Cleaning Tips: Unexpected Uses of Cleaning Supplies You Need to Know

Home cleanliness is something that people consider to be so important for their day to day life. In order to save money on the cleaning supplies why can’t you consider the following cleaning tips?

Krud Kutter

This product can be used in several areas. You can use Krud Kutter for laundry, washing windows, removing soap scum, cleaning metal, leather, wood, carpets, fabric and counter tops.


Vinegar is used to sterilize everything in the home. This is after using the Krud Kutter in cleaning the areas. This ranges from showers, bath tubs, kitchen and kitchen appliances, hardware and porcelain. Vinegar can also be used during those cold winters. All you need to do is put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over the house including the carpet, drapes and any fabric furniture and the musty smell will disappear.

Old English Lemon Oil

You can use the Old English lemon oil to polish wooden furniture and also stainless steel appliances. This will also include the refrigerator. The multiple uses of this product tremendously cuts costs and leaves your home sparkling clean.

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