Will my premium go high, If I add an additional driver to my car insurance policy in Laurel, Maryland?

If you have been insured with an auto insurance policy for any length of time in Laurel, Maryland, then you know that all licensed drivers have to be insured on an auto policy. The other driver will be required to be on your policy unless they have a policy of their own. If you need to add an additional driver to your coverage, then here are some things that you can expect your premium to do.

What Affects Your Premium if You Add a Driver to Your Policy?

· Adding a new driver to your policy will affect your premium. The big factor to consider is what the other driver’s record is like. If they have a lot of claims or moving violations, then your premium will go a lot higher than if their record was clean.

· If the other driver is under the age of 25, then you can expect to see a rise in your premium. After they turn 25 you can expect to see to see your premium decrease.

· Of course if the other person has a car that is has to be added, you may see a multi-car discount added to your policy. If the other person pays their part of the premium, then you may even see yourself paying less because of their car being added.

· Adding a new driver to your policy may mean that your coverage limits will have to increase. If there is an accident, you will want them to be protected from financial loss. Higher limits may mean a higher premium. In some states it means a lower premium for having the higher limits.

If you have questions that you need to have answer about your policy, you then need to contact your independent agent today. As your agent we can help answer all of your questions. It is important that you call us today so we can give you specific details about your policy today.