Maryland Homeowners: Knowing what is Covered on your Home Insurance Policy for Natural Disasters

If you’ve lived in Maryland for awhile, you probably know that natural disasters happen in the area. The geographic location of the state makes it vulnerable to several different types of natural disaster. You may have even experienced an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood, a blizzard or even some other type of natural disaster wile you’ve lived there. With so many ways for mother nature to damage your home, it’s good to know just what, exactly, is covered by your homeowners insurance and what kind of damage you might end up paying for out of your own pocket.

Your home insurance coverage will take care of most emergencies like fire, normal damage from wind, ice and snow and such. It will also often cover damage from smoke, burst pipes, roof leaks and electrical problems. However, sometimes it will fall short in a major natural disaster. In particular, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are often not covered by normal home insurance, especially in areas like Maryland where these kind of events happen fairly regularly. You can, however, purchase special coverage for each of these types of natural disasters if you are especially concerned about them.

If you’re unsure of what is covered by your home insurance policy, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent or an independent agent in your area. If you live near Laurel, Maryland, and you are thinking about getting a new homeowners insurance policy, you need to call us. As an independent agent, we can get you live comparative quotes on home insurance coverage. This insures that you get the best deal on the coverage you want, even if you want to include extra coverage for natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.