Protecting Your Valuables: How Home Insurance Covers Jewelry and Collectibles

Your home is filled with memorable items, from family heirlooms to expensive jewelry and collectibles. While your home insurance offers protection, it’s essential to understand how it covers these valuables. Read along as Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial explains, serving the Laurel, MD area.

1. Standard Home Insurance

Most home insurance policies provide coverage for personal property, including jewelry and collectibles. However, the coverage amount is often limited, which may not fully protect high-value items. Standard policies also typically cover common perils like theft and fire.

2. Scheduled Personal Property

You can opt for scheduled personal property coverage to protect valuable items like jewelry, antiques, or fine art. This involves listing and appraising each item, ensuring they’re adequately covered. While it may increase your premium, it offers comprehensive protection.

3. Additional Riders

Some insurers offer specific riders or endorsements to enhance coverage for valuable items. These riders can provide broader protection against various risks, including accidental damage or loss.

4. Appraisals and Documentation

Maintain records, appraisals, and photographs of your valuable possessions. These documents can help streamline the claims process and ensure you receive fair compensation for loss or damage.

Home insurance can protect your valuables, but assessing whether your existing coverage is sufficient is essential. Scheduled personal property coverage or additional riders may be necessary for high-value items like jewelry and collectibles. By taking proactive steps and working closely with your insurer, you can safeguard your treasured possessions. If you have questions about how your home insurance policy may cover your jewelry and collectibles, Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving the greater Laurel, MD area, would love to help you. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Wild Animal Damage?

Auto insurance protects you from risks while on and off the road. Customizing your coverage to offer protection from unexpected events such as wild animal damage is also possible. Let the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial experts help you get the insurance coverage you need to prevent loss. We proudly serve the residents in and around the Laurel, MD, area. 

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage 

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, it will protect your vehicle from mishaps and incidents that are non-collision or liability-related. In instances where wild animals damage your vehicle, your comprehensive insurance coverage will provide protection. Examples of feral animal damage can include bears, moose, deer, and raccoons.

If you need to obtain high-quality, comprehensive Auto insurance, our experts can help. We can determine which levels of coverage are necessary to offer you the best blanket of protection against the unexpected. We take the time to learn which policy options match your needs and assist you with submitting documentation to acquire your insurance quickly. We also educate our customers on each policy’s terms and conditions so they can be well informed. We aim to provide insurance products and services that offer peace of mind.

Find Out More 

Having adequate auto insurance coverage is essential to prevent loss associated with risk. If you would like to learn more about comprehensive or any other insurance product we offer, please get in touch with us. Feel free to call or stop by the Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial office, proudly serving Laurel, MD. Don’t guess when it comes to securing your auto insurance coverage. Let us work with you to help you feel secure on and off the road.

What Happens If Auto Insurance Lapses?

Auto insurance is probably one of your most important monthly expenses because the consequences of losing your insurance are steep. At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas, we want to help our customers avoid these consequences. Let’s learn more about what happens if auto insurance lapses. 

Legal Consequences 

First, you should know that there are legal consequences for driving without insurance. If you are caught driving without the proper insurance in place, the police do have the right to suspend your license. This can have far-reaching effects on your entire life. This could affect your job, it could affect your relationships, and if you’re in school, it could affect your ability to get back and forth to school as well. You always need to keep auto insurance current to avoid these consequences. 

Financial Consequences 

The other damaging consequence you might face would be financial. Auto insurance was created to help protect motorists from the steep financial consequences of accidents. Having an accident, even if you were the only vehicle involved, is expensive. If your car is damaged or lost, the repairs or replacement of that vehicle must be addressed  If other cars are involved, then you are responsible for the repairs or replacement of all vehicles involved. 

If there were also injuries in the accident, you would be held legally liable to pay for those expenses if you were found to be at fault. All these expenses add up quickly and could spell out financial disaster for you if you were required to pay for these expenses by yourself. Auto insurance protects you from this and pays for these expenses on your behalf.

To learn more about auto insurance, please get in touch with us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas. 

Home Security Tips to Prevent Burglary

Home insurance protects you from burglary and other risks that can lead to financial loss. By taking measures to secure your home, however, you can discourage thieves from targeting your property. The following home security tips from Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD can help protect your valuables from the risk of burglary.

Lock Up!

Lock your windows and doors (including garage doors) at night and anytime you leave your home. Leave one or two lights on if you plan to be back after dark. For extended trips, use automatic timers to turn on critical lamps to give the appearance that someone is home.

Stop Deliveries

If you’ll be gone for a week or more, put a hold on your mail and newspapers while you’re gone or ask a neighbor to retrieve these items so it doesn’t appear that no one’s home.

Security Checks

Check the locks on your windows and doors periodically to ensure they’re secure. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Change your locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.

Keep Outdoor Gear Out of Sight

Store your lawn mower, gas grill, bike, and other outdoor equipment in your garage or storage shed where it’s out of sight of would-be thieves and burglars.

Install Outside Security Lights

Install motion-detection security lights in strategic locations around your home. A well-lit home is less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Install an Alarm System

Install an alarm system to protect your family and property for greater peace of mind. There are all kinds of alarm systems to choose from to meet your home’s security needs.  

These tips, combined with quality home insurance coverage, will protect your property from theft and burglary. Contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD today for all your home insurance needs.

Required Commercial Insurance in Maryland

When you own a business in Maryland, you need certain types of business insurance. Commercial insurance is required for many businesses, while some don’t require it. Find out which types of commercial insurance may be required for your business. Call us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD when you need commercial insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Workers’ compensation is a type of commercial insurance that most businesses in Maryland are required to have. Any business that has employees must have this type of insurance. This is true whether you have one employee or one hundred or more. It’s also required for part-time employees as well as full-time workers. Many expenses can come from an injury that happens at work. You’re generally responsible for the bills when you have an injured employee. This can include medical bills as well as disability payments. When you have this type of commercial insurance, it will pay for those bills, so your business won’t suffer. 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Your business will own several things, and one or more vehicles may be among them. When a business in Maryland owns a vehicle, it has to be covered by a commercial auto insurance policy. These are required to have different types of coverage in them. These are bodily injury liability and property damage liability. If your work vehicle gets into an accident or otherwise causes damage, this policy will pay for those damages up to its limit. The amounts required in the state are relatively low, so it may be a good idea to add some coverage to the required minimum amounts. If you have a trucking business, you might have other coverage types to comply with the law. 

Get Commercial Insurance 

Get your business insurance through us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel,  MD.


How Term Life Insurance Works

When you need life insurance, there are a couple of different kinds to choose from. Each of them has its upsides and downsides. One of these is term life insurance, which is an essential type for many people. It’s a type of insurance that leaves a death benefit for your beneficiaries after you’re gone. When you have one of these policies, you can leave something behind for those needing it. Call us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD to get your life insurance policy.

A Set Time Period

Term life insurance gets its name for the amount of time that the policy is in effect. It’s suitable for a term of time. This specific term is decided up front and written into the policy. In most cases, the policy is in effect throughout that term of time. When the term, such as 10 or 20 years, ends, the policy will be expired. Once this happens, you’re no longer covered. If you still want life insurance, you must start over and get a new policy. There is also no cash value to this type of life insurance that you can borrow against as with whole-life policies. 

Lower Price

So many people choose this type of life insurance because it costs less than the other type of policy. The cost of term-life policies is often relatively low. This makes it more affordable for a wide range of people. Many people can’t afford a whole life policy, but they find term life much more affordable. 

Get Your Life Insurance Policy

If you don’t have a life insurance policy or want more coverage, we’re here to help. Call us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD to learn more.

Demystifying Auto Insurance in Maryland: Your Go-to-Guide for Complete Coverage

Navigating the complexities of auto insurance coverage, rates, and policy provisions can overwhelm Maryland drivers. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD, can provide sound advice and help you choose the best auto insurance! 

Drivers in Maryland must carry the minimum amount of insurance mandated by the state. Drivers caught without proper insurance coverage and Maryland can face unwanted penalties and fines.

Maryland Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Get Liability Coverage to Meet State Minimum Requirements

Liability coverage is Maryland drivers’ most basic auto insurance coverage to meet the state minimum requirements.

Most people get liability insurance when they only need the basic minimum, and they aren’t concerned about adding on comp or collision coverage that offers additional financial protections. 

Collision and Comprehensive 

Collision and comprehensive insurance add more coverage to your auto insurance policy, which helps financially protect policyholders from accidental damage, vandalism, and other devastating outcomes that can cause them to have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for repair or replacement caused by accidental damage. 

Get advice from a licensed insurance agent to learn more about individual policy premiums and coverages to stay compliant with Maryland auto insurance laws. 

How to Start an Auto Insurance Policy in Maryland

Ready to start an auto insurance policy in Maryland and don’t know where to begin? No worries! An experienced Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial insurance agent can help you understand the benefits of bundled insurance policies and adding on premium coverage like emergency roadside assistance and towing.  

Get a Maryland Auto Insurance Quote Today

The insurance professionals at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial in Laurel, MD, can help demystify the process of choosing the best auto insurance to meet your family’s needs. 

Contact a licensed insurance agent today for a free quote! 

Unexpected Disasters: How Home Insurance Can Save the Day

If you own a home or are about to buy one in the Laurel, MD area, it’s essential to understand the value of home insurance. Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial can help. Then you can have more peace of mind, knowing your home is protected from unexpected disasters. Many things can go wrong with a home, and you want to know that you’re prepared for them if they happen.

For example, there could be a natural disaster like a bad storm, or you could have a pipe burst in a wall. If you don’t have the right type and level of insurance coverage, you might not be protected or be able to have the damage repaired quickly. Working with the right agent makes the difference because you can get the information you need about home policies and what they cover.

Some basic, standard levels of coverage typically come with home insurance policies, but there are also many additional options to address. You don’t want to miss out on critical coverage that would help protect your home simply because you didn’t know it was an option or that you needed it.

Choosing coverage without the help of an agent could mean you aren’t getting everything you need. If the unexpected happens, you might not have the resources necessary to handle the aftermath. That’s what insurance is for, but you need proper coverage.

That’s why working with us at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial is the right choice for your home insurance needs in the Laurel, MD area. We understand that every home and situation is different, but we also know how to suggest the right coverage for your home and lifestyle. Contact us today, and let us help you get coverage to protect you from the unexpected.

How Life Insurance Can Help With Mourning

After someone passes away, families are often left to pick up the pieces. While there is no way to ease the burden completely, proper steps can protect families and help them cope during mourning. Life insurance policies, in particular, can help to reduce the burden. Folks living in or near Laurel, MD, and other areas nearby should contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial to learn about the benefits of life insurance policies.

Why Life Insurance Makes it Easier to Grieve

While many families would rather avoid the topic of money after someone passes, financial burdens can quickly compound non-financial issues. Sadly, financial matters can make it more difficult to find closure, and loved ones who are left to sweat such issues may be at risk of being overwhelmed.

The right life insurance plans can reduce the risk of various financial burdens. The terms, details, and coverage will vary from plan to plan, so it’s important to examine each policy closely. You can also partner with an insurance agent who can explain how various policies work.

If someone has passed away, the rest of the family may worry that they can’t afford the mortgage payments or that they won’t have enough to pay for child care, among many other costs. A family might also be stressed over the costs of funeral and burial (or cremation). The more time they have to spend worrying about such matters, the less time they can spend processing loss and honoring the departed.

On the other hand, if a life insurance policy provides the financial security needed to allow loved ones to focus on grieving, this could significantly improve their mental health. Not only can friends and family process their own grief, but they can also provide support to each other. Contact Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, serving Laurel, MD, and beyond, to explore life insurance policies.


Common Myths About Commercial Insurance

It’s no secret that owning and operating a business in Laurel, MD can be stressful. To make matters worse, the confusion and misinformation surrounding commercial insurance and whether or not you need it can lead to costly events down the road. Fortunately, the team here at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial is here to help you sort through the weeds and make the right choice for your company.

My Business Is Too Small for the Insurance

Simply put, no business is too small for commercial insurance coverage to be useful. A policy can provide you with an invaluable peace of mind. Should injuries or damage occur, you can be protected from paying for everything out of your pocket.

I’ll Be Paying for Coverage I Don’t Need

Commercial insurance doesn’t come as a one-size-fits-all policy! You can customize your plan by choosing the type(s) of coverage you need and the deductible. Your Laurel, MD insurance agent can help you mix and match to find the right policy.

My Homeowner’s Insurance Covers My Home-Based Business

Unfortunately, your homeowner’s insurance policy strictly protects your home and its contents. Filing a business-based claim on your policy can lead to unpleasant outcomes. Not disclosing that you run a business from home can cause some providers to cancel your policy. 

Protect Your Assets With Help From Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial

Commercial insurance doesn’t have to be a mystery. By partnering with our team to find the coverage your business needs, you can protect your livelihood from various events. We will work with you to find the right policy at the right price so that you can focus on the essential tasks of running your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.