Questions to ask when shopping for homeowners insurance in Laurel, Maryland

Finding the right insurance agency in Laurel, Maryland can be a headache. There are so many options in the area–how can you know where start shopping? Getting the right policy means doing your reasearch. Look into the types of policies available in your area and the coverage you know you need.

Talking to a qualified insurance agent is a great place to start. The agent can talk to you about your concerns and needs and set you up with a policy that’s right for you. But before you sign the dotted line for your policy, here are five questions you should be ready to answer:

1. If my house were completely destroyed today, how much would it cost to rebuild? Your insurance policy should cover your house being completely rebuilt in case of a total loss. Talking to appraisers and insurance agents about the construction materials, location, and value of your home is a good start.

2. If my house were completely destroyed today, how much would it cost to replace the property inside? That’s everything from your clothing to appliances. Most insurance agents recommend personal property coverage equal to about half the cost of the home.

3. Should I buy flood or earthquake insurance, as well? Depending on where you live, it might be smart to invest in flood or earthquake insurance in addition to your standard policy. Millions of dollars of homes were destroyed by natural disasters like these, and they aren’t covered by most homeowners insurance policies. Do your research and talk to your insurance agent to make that decisions.

4. Can I get a discount? If you have burler alarms, shatterproof glass, storm shutters, or other safety features, you might be able to save a chunk of change on your policy. Many insurance plans reward homeowners who take extra measures to protect their home from damage.

By following these tips and talking to a professional agent to find the perfect homeowners insurance policy in Maryland, you’ll take a load off your shoulders and be confident in finding an affordable policy that’s right for you.