Insurance Statistics in Maryland from 2012

Insurance Statistics and trends for Maryland in 2012 are somewhat complicated to determine. There is a lot that will determine these statistics, such as populace and location. The populace in Maryland and throughout the United States could expect to see a double raise in cost.

Auto insurance fraud is on the rise nationwide and in the state of Maryland. You can expect to see higher statistics and policy rates depending on the population of certain states. Looking back at least four years, rates have been steadily on an increase depending on the amount of fraud cases reported.

Homeowner’s policy rates rose in 2012, due to all of the natural disasters affecting the United States. Natural disasters such as floods from hurricanes on the east coast, wildfires on the west coast, earthquake damages, droughts and extensive snow damage have all put their toll on the amount of home insurance claims processed and paid out. Policy rates are regulated on a state by state basis through that state’s insurance division. Since Maryland is smaller in populace then New York, Maryland’s rates could be lower on average.

Employers and employees in Maryland can expect to pay more out on their health insurance premiums. Rising commercial policies continue to rise for employers and they are in turn passing on these rises in rates to the employee, so that more money is expected to come out of your weekly pay checks. Maryland is not alone in this dilemma as this is going to affect all states. A continued rise in health policy premiums are expected to continue.

The only policy rates that seem to be falling are in the area of life policies. Many people are going without this coverage due to other more pressing financial issues. Life insurance companies continue to see a decrease in rates in 2012. Call your independent agent today for a quote on any insurance needed to help protect your future.