Is Insurance Coverage Required in Laurel, Maryland if My Car is Inoperable or Being Stored?

Maryland and most other states across the United States require proof of insurance in order to register your vehicle and all vehicles are registered required. If you reside in Laurel, Maryland and you own a vehicle that is either inoperable or being stored for any number of reasons, you will at least want to insure your vehicle against possible theft, vandalism, and fire to protect your investment.

If the inoperable or stored vehicle is not being driven it will still need to be registered with that state of Maryland and full coverage will need to stay intact if there is a lien on the vehicle. This full coverage insurance policy will remain in effect until the lien is paid in full, whether the vehicle is being driven or not.

If you have full ownership rights to the vehicle and there is no lien, then it is possible to take your information to the DMV of Maryland for special coverage for stored vehicles. If you let your coverage lapse on your stored vehicle, and have not taken the appropriate steps to obtain the right coverage, then your independent agent may have to notify the MVA of this cancelation. This generally means that you can be fined and receive points against your driving record. Some states require the agent to notify the DMV and they have no choice in the matter. If they do not take this step the company could be presented with a heavy fine.

If this state requests from you proof of policy you must have signed a certification. This is only issued by a state approved independent agent. Policies for stored or inoperable vehicles in this state is not expensive, and it will offer you the protection you need on your investment, the car is registered and you have remained within the boundaries of Maryland motor vehicle laws through the help of your independent agent.