Will I get anything back if I cancel my life insurance policy in Laurel, Maryland?

Whether you get anything back when you cancel your Laurel, Maryland life insurance policy will depend on what kind of policy you had in the first place. Some of them build cash value, while others don’t. If you have term life insurance, for example, you’re paying a very small premium for the dollar amount of coverage you’re getting. Many people like this option, because it allows them to protect their loved ones from financial risk in the event of their death. It’s affordable, and just about anyone can qualify. There are policies that don’t even ask health questions. Because of the low cost, though, there isn’t any cash value. When you cancel, you won’t get any money back.

A whole life policy has premiums that are considerably higher based on the amount of coverage you’ll receive. These policies build cash value, though. When you decide to cancel your policy, the insurance company will owe you some money. You can also borrow against your life insurance during your lifetime, subject to specific terms and conditions. By talking to an independent agent like us, you can get the information you need to make an informed choice on your life insurance.

We can help you by explaining all the different policies, how much they cost, what they offer, and how they work. Then you’ll have all the information you need to make a truly informed decision. When you’re able to do that, you can get exactly what you need to protect yourself and your family, for a price you’re comfortable with. You’ll also avoid some of the nagging questions for the future, and not have to worry about what you’ll be eligible to get back should you decide to cancel your policy in the future.