My business isn’t safe to keep open because of the damage from the burglary. What should I do?

A burglary is a problem that impacts small businesses every year. Depending on the extent of the damages and the thefts that took place, the solutions that are most appropriate for your business may vary.

Contact the Police

After you discover a burglary, contact the police and make a formal report. Do not stay in the building. Allow the police to check that the burglar has already left so that you are not taking any risks.

You will need to keep your small business closed for the day to avoid any potential accidents or injuries. Even if the damages seem limited, it is best to avoid further complications by opening up the company when the property has been damaged.

Contact Your Insurer

Make a claim with your business insurance policy. The claims process may require that you provide proof of the burglary and the damages. You can send a copy of the police report as well as any photographic evidence of the damages to the building.

Keep in mind that your coverage may vary, so the details of your plan and the limitations on your claim may depend on the situation and the total coverage that you have purchased. The insurer may send out a professional to evaluate the damages and provide an estimate repair cost before you are able to move forward. Your coverage can impact the total amount that your insurer will allow you to claim.

A burglary is a problem, but it is best to stay calm and carefully evaluate your situation before you panic. Make a formal police report and then contact your insurer so that you can rebuild and start fresh. Contact us to speak to an agent for more details.