Independent Insurance Agents in Odenton, MD

Here at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we are so pleased to be your best local option for an independent insurance agents in the area of Odenton, MD. The primary reason that we chose to open an independent agency is that we wanted to offer our clients the most choice possible.

We offer two primary types of insurance here at Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial. We are happy to combine policies for you so we can help you get the best possible price. Auto insurance is our most popular product, and we have a wide range of major providers to choose from. The policy that you choose is entirely up to you. We normally recommend that our clients consider a full scale auto policy so that the most protection is provided. A full scale auto policy will include liability coverage, which takes care of paying for damage that you may accidentally cause while you are on the road. It will also include collision coverage, which will pay for the damage to your car that may happen when you are in a wreck or when you run into something with your vehicle. Finally, a full scale auto policy will include comprehensive coverage, which takes care of situations like car theft and car damages due to weather disasters like hail damage.

Home insurance is our other main product, and we are able to provide you with a very high quality policy for a reasonable cost. Your home insurance coverage will include protection for your house, for all your personal items within the house, and for nearly everything that is on your property. The level of home insurance you choose is totally up to you. We can make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your home and belongings in case of any disaster.

One of the huge advantages of working with our independent agents is that we offer on the spot quotes from multiple major providers for absolutely free. You can use our live comparison tool to get quotes on the Internet in minutes, or call us anytime to get help with a new policy!