Steps to Take if You Witness a Car Accident

Car accidents are loud, scary, and sometimes chaotic. Will you know what to do if a car accident happens in front of you? At Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial, we want you to feel prepared to take the proper steps if you witness an auto accident in Washington DC.

Move Out of Harm’s Way

You cannot help others if you become injured. The first thing you should do after witnessing a car accident is move your vehicle out of the way. Pull over approximately 35 yards away from the scene.

Call the Police

You should notify the police immediately when you witness an accident. Call 911 and be prepared to give the location of the accident. Calmly give details regarding the type and color of vehicles in the crash, as well as the number of people involved in the accident.

Provide Reassurance

If you are able to safely reach the accident victims, provide reassurance that help is on the way. It is best not to attempt any medical care as this can cause greater injury. The 911 call-taker will ask you to provide information on the condition of the victims if you can safely do so.

Stay Focused

Try to remain composed. Concentrate on the details of the accident and surrounding conditions. You will need to provide the police with details of what you witnessed when officers arrive on scene.

State the Facts

When the police are ready to take your statement, remember to only provide factual statements of what you saw. Do not make assumptions or give opinions. If you are unsure of exact details you should say so.

Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial is here for all of your auto insurance needs. For more information on what to do if you witness a car accident, or for a competitive quote on car insurance, contact us today.