Prepping your vehicle for warmer weather driving

Just as you winterized your vehicle, early spring means another round of special maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. So, spring into warmer weather driving with these simple tasks.

* If you put winter tires, also known as snow tires, on your vehicle, take them off now that the weather has changed. You need to switch back to normal tires for warmer weather. They better withstand the road heat of late spring and summer.

* Inspect the tread on your regular tires. Use a penny. Insert it in the center tread. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, replace your tires. If you see between the beginning of his forehead to his eyebrows, your tires have good tread. Conduct the test on each tread.

* Have an all fluid check conducted. Get an oil change. 

* If you installed winter windshield wipers, now is the time to switch back to regular wipers. The heavier winter wipes make your car work harder to clear the windshield. They are also designed for solid substances like ice and snow. Regular wipers clear rain better.

* Get a tune-up. Have a mechanic check the battery, starter, the engine mechanical, powertrain control, fuel, ignition and emissions.

* Check the hoses and belts. A small tear or worn spot on a belt makes your car work harder. That means it uses more gas and creates more engine wear and tear. Spending a few dollars to replace a hose or belt at the first sign of wear can save you hundreds down the line. 

We at Laurel, MD, Mid Atlantic Insurance Financial hope these tips help you spring safely into warmer weather driving.