Commercial Insurance Coverage Options in Maryland

When you live in Maryland and want to open a business, one of the things you want to be sure about is your commercial insurance coverage options. We can help you with that. As an independent agent, we work with a lot of different companies. That lets us compare prices and show you different policy options. Price matters, of course, but there’s more to the issue of insuring your business than just how much it costs. You also have to focus on the value that you’re getting for the money, and you need to make sure the coverage you’re getting is right for you.

When you open a business in or around Laurel, the type of business you’re getting into will affect what policy you need. Some home-based businesses, for example, don’t really need anything beyond the regular homeowners insurance. Other businesses that are operated in a person’s home will need a business policy because of customer liability. All businesses that are not run from home have to have commercial policies that protect the business from liability and that also protect the building if the company owner also owns that building. Many businesses rent their spaces, though, and don’t need to insure the structure itself.

Liability is the most important part of business insurance. If someone is injured by your product, or if a person is hurt on your property, you’ll have to make sure your insurance will pay for the damages. You could still be sued, but having good insurance is one of the best ways to avoid lawsuits and to avoid the loss of your business through financial problems. You can’t plan for everything when you own and run a business, but by talking to an independent agent like us you can focus on protecting yourself from many of the financial problems that come from a lack of insurance coverage.