Am I covered if I Borrow or Rent a Vehicle in Washington DC?

Sometimes you find yourself in a difficult situation, where you need to rent a vehicle on short notice. You may also need to borrow a vehicle that belongs to a friend or family member at some point. In either scenario, you may wonder if you’re covered under your insurance policy. Most policies that are issued for people in Washington DC won’t cover them when they drive other people’s cars, and not all policies cover them in rental cars, either. It often depends on the extent of the policy.

In order to determine if your coverage will protect you, come see us or give us a call. As an independent agent we work with a lot of companies, and we can find one that will provide you with the kind of coverage you need. We can also help you if you already have a policy with us and just have a question about it. No matter whose car you’re thinking of using, that person’s insurance will often cover what’s called an "occasional driver." That would be someone like you, who only borrowed the car for a little bit and doesn’t really drive it often.

Despite the fact that the other person’s auto policy will probably protect you, and that you can get insurance through the rental car company for a high price, it’s much better to know specifically what your policy covers. That way you don’t have to worry at all about whether you’ll be protected in the event of an accident. Even something as simple as getting pulled over for a minor traffic infraction can turn into a big deal if you don’t have insurance or you aren’t covered on the car you’re driving. Don’t take the chance. Just get in touch with us and make sure what kind of coverage you have so you can enjoy your drive.