Motorcycle Theft: 5 Things You Should Know

Do you love your motorcycle? Unfortunately, you may not be the only one.

Motorcycle theft is a common occurrence in the United States, and any bike that isn’t securely anchored to the ground — and even some that are — are vulnerable to being stolen. Popular sport-style motorcycles can be easily loaded into vans, trucks and trailers, and all kinds of bikes can be hotwired and driven away. Motorcycle theft peaks in the summertime when the weather is nice and more people are riding. Some motorcycles are stolen by joyriders, but most are taken to be broken down and sold for parts. Trained thieves can swipe your bike faster than you can use a gas station’s restroom.

Fortunately, you have options. These five tips can help prevent thieves from getting away with your motorcycle.

1) Use Two Disc Locks… with Alarms

Disc locks are great deterrents to keep criminals from riding off on your motorcycle. Buy two brands of disc locks and use one on each wheel. Also, only use disc locks with built-in alarms. This will alert anyone nearby that your bike is being tampered with.

2) Anchor Your Bike

Use a high-quality chain and U-lock to anchor your motorcycle to a light pole, a tree, or even your friend’s bike. Anchor your motorcycle even when parked in your garage at home. Also, make sure your lock is tightly suspended in the air so thieves can’t get leverage to easily break it.

3) Don’t Try to Hide Your Bike in Public

When parking in public places, you may be tempted to conceal your bike between larger vehicles or behind buildings. Don’t. You’re much better off leaving your bike in a well-lit area where it’s in plain sight of as many people as possible.

4) Get a Bike Cover

Don’t help criminals by showing them whether your motorcycle is what they’re after. Cover your bike whenever possible. This is especially important if you don’t have a garage.

5) Use a Tracking System

Vehicle tracking systems like LoJack are highly effective in helping police recover stolen vehicles. If a thief does manage to steal your motorcycle, a vehicle tracking system can be the difference in reclaiming your bike before it’s scrapped and sold.

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